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I'VE just realised that the season just ended was my Fiftieth campaign as a Sky Blue supporter and I look back on it with a mixture of happiness and gloom.

There's been some good times especially under Jimmy Hill when we won two promotions and of course the great F.A.Cup Final win at Wembley which still brings great memories back and a case of you had to be there to understand what a day that was for our club.

But there have been some bad times too with relegation down from the Premier League and then the drop down to League One which as it's really the Third Division was when I first started going to watch my beloved City.


Is "Elvis" the Man for CCFC?

By G T on May 2, 13 02:45 PM in Fans

IT is looking more and more likely that Elvis is not the man to take the Sky Blues forward. His lack of knowledge of the requirements in League 1 are not up to scratch and his lack of experience at this level will, on the evidence so far, probably cause concern for our hopes of promotion back into the championship.

Andy Thorn was a lovely man, but was found to be out of his depth at this level; Mark Robbins came in, got rid of the dead wood and bought in players capable of making a challenge for promotion. He left, along with any faint hope of reaching the play off's, and since Elvis arrived that hope was finally extinguished for good, but the worrying thing is, that Elvis seems to think that some of the players deemed not up to scratch by Robbins, are now good enough and have been given the nod for a first team place.

There has been a lot made of the fact the Elvis is getting all the players in, one by one, over the coming weeks, to let them know whether they are "part of his plans" going forward. But what are his plans? To allow Richard Wood, Stephen Elliot and, by the looks of it Gary McSheffrey, to leave is going to weaken the squad overall and make next seasons promotion push even less likely.

Playing with only one striker at home is not going to get the crowds rushing back and the results (2 draws & 3 Defeats in April) under him have been not far short of pathetic. There is a malaise about the place at the end of the season, with a seeming lack of a game plan, lack of any decent football by the team and a lack of any real ambition to go out and compete against mediocre teams. The football being served up under Pressley was pretty depressing and the results had started to turn against us, and what looked like a team geared to a late promotion push, ended up looking nothing other than "average" at best and "cannon fodder" at worst.

No one seems to know where we the club will be playing home games next season, with the talk being: Northampton Saints "Franklins Gardens" Stadium or Walsall's Bescott Stadium, up the M6. An Hour's drive to watch a home game will certainly not make it very appealing to "Home Fans"!

Had it not been for Mark Robbins stint as manager and the results we had under his stewardship, it is likely we would have been fighting a relegation battle last season, without the 10 point deduction.

Pressley's has shown no signs of bringing the good times back, the performances have been dire and the lack of a goal scorer will probably come back to haunt him next season. This is a difficult league and not one we are likely to get out of with kids from the Academy (if we had one)!

It is a worrying time to be a Sky Blues fan,

WITH just a couple more games to go before this season comes to a close it doesn't need a genius to work out that this has been yet another miserable ending to a campaign which has now become the norm for us Sky Blue fans.

But we had hopes of maybe sneaking into the play offs not that long ago but alas we never envisaged the dreaded ten point deduction and all the negativity and baggage with it.

So here we are yet again not sure of our future and with morale amongst players and us fans as low as a Snakes belly you do worry as to where it's all leading to ?

WITH just a couple more games to go before this season comes to a close it doesn't need a genius to work out that this has been yet another miserable ending to a campaign which has now become the norm for us Sky Blue fans.

But we had hopes of maybe sneaking into the play offs not that long ago but alas we never envisaged the dreaded ten point deduction and all the negativity and baggage with it.

So here we are yet again not sure of our future and with morale amongst players and us fans as low as a Snakes belly you do worry as to where it's all leading to ?


A Sorry State of Affairs!

By G T on Apr 9, 13 10:21 AM in Fans

It is a sorry state of affairs as the escalating division between the football club and everyone else just seems to rumble on, the Academy has now been thrown out of their home at the Higgs Trust, which was originally set up for them as a base and a place to hone young talent. But with SISU seemingly at odds with everyone involved with the Football Club, it looks like there is no end in sight to the current stand-off.

The Sky Blues Supporters Trust are at least seemingly making headway in their efforts to keep a dialogue alive with SISU, but they seem to be hiding behind the Administrator now, and are not making any comments worthy of note.

Preston Haskell IV has been spotted at the Ricoh, and seems ready to pick up the Baton, but SISU are not going to play ball with him, or anyone else for that matter, until they get what they want? The biggest worry is that no one seems to know what it is they really want to do?

Do they want to sell the club?

Do they want to build a new Stadium?

Do they want to stay at the Ricoh if an agreement over the rent can be reached?

Do they have "ANY" plans for the future?

Have we lost 10 Points or not?

Are they really interested in Coventry City FC?

There are no sure answers at present, we don't even know whether the "Golden Share" is in the part of the business that has gone into administration, and all we do know is that there is no end in sight and no sign of any talks to resolve the issues raging about the survival of our football club.............................

ON the eve of the court hearing when we will hopefully finally know what is going to happen in terms of administration,points deduction,and where we will be playing our final home games,it is without doubt a very worrying time for our club.

As a Sky Blue fan I hope for a positive result and all those involved behind the scenes can sit down and get this mess sorted out once and for all and let us supporters get on and do what we want to do and that is to just follow our club and get behind them home and away.

But will this soap opera carry on and on until us fans go completely insane with it all ?
As it is turning out to be a farce and should be turned into a play but it is no laughing matter for us City fans more like a Horror movie.


It's Now or Never!

By G T on Mar 14, 13 10:01 AM in Fans

How apt that a song from one Mr Pressley sums up the latest escalation in the ongoing rent row to the other Mr Pressley, who is now running team affairs. If the latter ever thought things would run smoothly in his tenure at Coventry City, he may now have some idea of what he has let himself in for.

It would appear that the "Posturing" is over, the time for "he said" - "she said" and "My dad's bigger than your dad" has come to an end and there will be a result very soon that could well lay out the future for Coventry City Football Club.

From the recent rhetoric, it would appear that only one side in the argument have the best interest of the football club at their heart, that only one side are prepared to look to the future and place the club on a sustainable footing to allow it to grow and exist in the long term. That only one side in this whole affair is blameless and is working for the betterment of CCFC? But can we be sure which side that is?

CCFC have, this week, been spoken about in Parliament, no less, and we will soon be the star attraction in the High Court in London, with all the press exposure that will bring, with a possibility of an end to the long running soap opera that we have, for too long, been viewed as.

There are reports of new owners, waiting in the wings, who are just waiting for the right time to come in and take us to the next level, with the promise of funds to make a challenge for the Premier League and big crowds etc etc. - Sound Familiar?

As for me, I would like us to be a club that made headlines for the right reasons, back to the days when we were a decent football club, with decent players and decent fans and, more importantly "Decent Owners".

As the song (almost) goes:

"Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My club won't wait."

I COULDN'T resist getting in an Elvis track in the headline but I'll leave them alone now because we are at the serious end of the season and if we are going to challenge for a play off place we have to get focused on winning matches.

With a record being set of Eleven away wins on the road it proves that the City can battle and put in the effort when required but they have to do the same at the Ricoh and we have two home matches this week to get back within reach of the top six.

The next three games are against teams fighting to stay in this division in Colchester United,Hartlepool,and Portsmouth,so I imagine a lot of fans will see these matches as an easy nine points ?

SO the crucial seven days I wrote about have come and gone and it leaves us with an away win but two home defeats so it will take a miracle now to get into a play off position.And to be honest you have to say after watching our performance against Swindon Town that we would look out of place there anyway.

Swindon were far better than us all over the field especially in the second half when it was wave after wave of attacking and it was amazing that it took them so long to secure all three points.

Why we are so poor at home is a bit of a mystery but how on earth can some fans still say we can still get promotion when teams just turn up at our place and go away with the win ?


Uncle Joe to the Rescue?

By G T on Feb 28, 13 04:30 PM in Fans

IT looks very much like we are heading for a case of: "Who Blinks First" in the negotiations over the Ricoh Arena rent row, with neither side willing to back down and a possible stalemate looking more and more likely. The negotiations have broken down, with no sign of an agreement being reached, so it looks like this one is headed for the courts, rather than arbitration, which will just end up costing both sides money that could be better spent elsewhere.

What does that mean for Sky Blues fans?

Well, it is all a bit worrying in my opinion; the owners of the Stadium are limited in what action they can take, without winding up the football club completely, as they cannot force SISU to pay them without threatening the very existence of Coventry City Football Club!

Mr Fisher and his gang are well aware of this and are, seemingly, not prepared to back down either, so where does that leave us, the true custodians of Coventry City, "The Fans"?

If there was a magic wand that could be waved, or if we had the ability to knock a few heads together, it might make a difference, but it would appear that too much bad blood exists and neither party is prepared to give an inch. I am sure no-one would have wanted to get to this predicament, but this is where we are, so where to now?

Talks have broken down, with no more discussions planned, the Football Club have had their Bank Accounts frozen, so it is only a matter of time before they run out of money, probably meaning that the Players & Staff will not get paid, and , potentially de-railing any lingering hopes of a Play-Off place too!

So please, for all our sake's, get back round the table and get this thing sorted out sooner, rather than later. Why not get someone like Joe Elliot to mediate, he knows both parties, loves the football club, understands the political posturing and he may be just the man to get this ridiculous Stalemate sorted to everyone's Satisfaction.

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