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WENT to the charity match on Sunday with my son and enjoyed watching our ex players play again in the Sky Blue and even though some were not as quick as they once were they entertained the crowd.

I have to say though I think Huckerby could still play at League One level as he still looks good on the ball,although obviously his fitness would need to go up a bit.But him and Whelan would be great as motivators to our younger players and it would be good if they could come here in some role.

But at the end of the day we should still be playing at the Ricoh and not miles away in Northampton being watched by a thousand of our fans who even though I don't agree with them attending the match must surely be wondering have I done the right thing ?

THE dreaded news we were hoping not to hear has been announced and it's been confirmed that we are now ground sharing with Northampton Town.

To say I'm angry and upset would be an understatement as I'm feeling really low and in shock as well as I was hoping sense would prevail and things would be sorted out.

This without doubt is the worst day I've ever known since becoming a Coventry City supporter fifty years ago and it feels like a bereavement and like I've lost a close family member or friend.

WITH just over a month till the new campaign kicks off us City fans are still unsure where we will be playing our home games and with the next meeting due not till the middle of this month time is slowly running out.

We've suddenly been hit once again by a wall of silence a common trait of SISU who have the annoying habit of shutting up shop just when you think they are opening up a bit.

So here we are on the cusp of a new season with not the foggiest idea what will be the final outcome and all we can do is sit and wait to see what happens.

AS the off field talks keep rumbling on week after week with no end in sight or any good news to cheer us long suffering and depressed Sky Blue fans it makes you think if we are cursed and doomed to failure what ever we do.

What with these forums with Fisher where he answers only questions he likes and any probing one's get dismissed and you still find yourself still in the dark as to what the hell is really going on.

Then if that isn't enough to contend with you get yet another Pantomime Villain in none other than Craig Bellamy sticking the boot in with extracts from his book slagging the club and players off.


CCFC Future?

By G T on Jun 7, 13 07:41 AM in Fans

This week Tim Fisher laid out SISU's plans for the "Future of Coventry City", he explained in great detail the failings of past Chairmen and Board members, whilst painting a bright future for any fans that wish to buy in to his vision of a new stadium in three years time, on a "Brown Field Site" near to Coventry.

He stated that the club is not for sale, and that he "believes", that the Golden Share is in CCFC Holdings Ltd, the part of the club that is not in administration.

He also stated, quite categorically, that there has been no movement of Assetts, since the club went into admin.

BUT, and it's a BIG BUT, 10 questions remain unanswered:

1, How are the club going to be funded for the next three years, without our own stadium?

2, How much money will be lost during this period, through lack of advertising around the ground?

3,How much money will be lost through the lack of Match Day Sponsorship?

4, If they are moving to a shared stadium for the next three years, how can we bring in new players, with the onset of Financial Fair Play?

5, Why did they oversee the club being relegated into our lowest league position in living memory?

6, In what league are they prepared to let us drop to, before "Highfield 2" is built?

7, Why did they abandon the "Ray Ranson plan" of buying lower league players, (Dann & Fox) to finance the rebuilding of the club?

8, Why didn't they carry out "Due Diligence" Correctly when buying CCFC?

9, Why didn't they negotiate a better rent at the Ricoh when they bought the football club?

10, Where do the fans "The True Custodians" of the football club, stand in their list of "Priorities"?

Lots of talk, but little in the way of substance, now that sounds familiar....................

JIMMY HILL has a statue outside the Ricoh Arena put there in respect and to honour all what he did for Coventry City Football Club as he is a true legend.And it angers and upsets me to think that if we do move away from the Arena this statue which not only City fans see at home games but visiting supporters too will be stood there for years gathering dust.

It's okay for Fisher to calmly say when this new stadium is built the statue will be moved there but that is just not on as it deserves to be outside a ground now and the upcoming season too.Doesn't he understand what Jimmy Hill means to us supporters ?

They may glibly say it's only a statue and the great man is alive and well but that's not relevant as he was overjoyed to unveil it and you could see the club still means everything to him.

AS we have just heard and read that the ongoing saga which is Coventry City Football Club will drag on like some tedious T.V. soap opera for a lot longer we are still asking the question when will all this get resolved ?

Will we be playing our home games next season at the Ricoh Arena or at some other venue seems such a simple question but as yet nobody can give us a straight yes or no ?

Usually the close season is a time for us fans to have a break from the Football but this one I guess for the majority of us will not be spent relaxing on a Beach but be a time of anxiety and worry fretting over the future of our club.

I'VE just realised that the season just ended was my Fiftieth campaign as a Sky Blue supporter and I look back on it with a mixture of happiness and gloom.

There's been some good times especially under Jimmy Hill when we won two promotions and of course the great F.A.Cup Final win at Wembley which still brings great memories back and a case of you had to be there to understand what a day that was for our club.

But there have been some bad times too with relegation down from the Premier League and then the drop down to League One which as it's really the Third Division was when I first started going to watch my beloved City.


Is "Elvis" the Man for CCFC?

By G T on May 2, 13 02:45 PM in Fans

IT is looking more and more likely that Elvis is not the man to take the Sky Blues forward. His lack of knowledge of the requirements in League 1 are not up to scratch and his lack of experience at this level will, on the evidence so far, probably cause concern for our hopes of promotion back into the championship.

Andy Thorn was a lovely man, but was found to be out of his depth at this level; Mark Robbins came in, got rid of the dead wood and bought in players capable of making a challenge for promotion. He left, along with any faint hope of reaching the play off's, and since Elvis arrived that hope was finally extinguished for good, but the worrying thing is, that Elvis seems to think that some of the players deemed not up to scratch by Robbins, are now good enough and have been given the nod for a first team place.

There has been a lot made of the fact the Elvis is getting all the players in, one by one, over the coming weeks, to let them know whether they are "part of his plans" going forward. But what are his plans? To allow Richard Wood, Stephen Elliot and, by the looks of it Gary McSheffrey, to leave is going to weaken the squad overall and make next seasons promotion push even less likely.

Playing with only one striker at home is not going to get the crowds rushing back and the results (2 draws & 3 Defeats in April) under him have been not far short of pathetic. There is a malaise about the place at the end of the season, with a seeming lack of a game plan, lack of any decent football by the team and a lack of any real ambition to go out and compete against mediocre teams. The football being served up under Pressley was pretty depressing and the results had started to turn against us, and what looked like a team geared to a late promotion push, ended up looking nothing other than "average" at best and "cannon fodder" at worst.

No one seems to know where we the club will be playing home games next season, with the talk being: Northampton Saints "Franklins Gardens" Stadium or Walsall's Bescott Stadium, up the M6. An Hour's drive to watch a home game will certainly not make it very appealing to "Home Fans"!

Had it not been for Mark Robbins stint as manager and the results we had under his stewardship, it is likely we would have been fighting a relegation battle last season, without the 10 point deduction.

Pressley's has shown no signs of bringing the good times back, the performances have been dire and the lack of a goal scorer will probably come back to haunt him next season. This is a difficult league and not one we are likely to get out of with kids from the Academy (if we had one)!

It is a worrying time to be a Sky Blues fan,

WITH just a couple more games to go before this season comes to a close it doesn't need a genius to work out that this has been yet another miserable ending to a campaign which has now become the norm for us Sky Blue fans.

But we had hopes of maybe sneaking into the play offs not that long ago but alas we never envisaged the dreaded ten point deduction and all the negativity and baggage with it.

So here we are yet again not sure of our future and with morale amongst players and us fans as low as a Snakes belly you do worry as to where it's all leading to ?

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