Sky Blues hopes of the play offs look over now

By Kevin Halls on Mar 4, 13 12:28 PM in Fans

SO the crucial seven days I wrote about have come and gone and it leaves us with an away win but two home defeats so it will take a miracle now to get into a play off position.And to be honest you have to say after watching our performance against Swindon Town that we would look out of place there anyway.

Swindon were far better than us all over the field especially in the second half when it was wave after wave of attacking and it was amazing that it took them so long to secure all three points.

Why we are so poor at home is a bit of a mystery but how on earth can some fans still say we can still get promotion when teams just turn up at our place and go away with the win ?

Yes we are excellent on the road and it's reached the point where we expect to win away from the Ricoh but when we are such a soft touch at home all that good work amounts to nothing.

It was a warm sunny Spring day on Saturday and it made you really look forward to the match and with them bringing a good following it created a decent atmosphere in the stadium.

But the City let us down again on the pitch with a lot of players looking out of sorts for some reason when you'd think they'd be firing on all cylinders with so much to play for.
Swindon looked a good outfit but Carsley only said a few days ago that Coventry had the best players in this division but looking at the game you have to say are you sure ?

That must have been said to try and boost the ego of a few of the squad but alas it hasn't worked so now we have to look at the next three games where we will be playing teams looking for points to help with their fight for survival.

So expect more ups and downs between now and the end of the month but we had a great chance to close the gap up at the top but it's now looking like mid table mediocrity for our club which is so disappointing when things were seemingly on the way up.

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