Uncle Joe to the Rescue?

By G T on Feb 28, 13 04:30 PM in Fans

IT looks very much like we are heading for a case of: "Who Blinks First" in the negotiations over the Ricoh Arena rent row, with neither side willing to back down and a possible stalemate looking more and more likely. The negotiations have broken down, with no sign of an agreement being reached, so it looks like this one is headed for the courts, rather than arbitration, which will just end up costing both sides money that could be better spent elsewhere.

What does that mean for Sky Blues fans?

Well, it is all a bit worrying in my opinion; the owners of the Stadium are limited in what action they can take, without winding up the football club completely, as they cannot force SISU to pay them without threatening the very existence of Coventry City Football Club!

Mr Fisher and his gang are well aware of this and are, seemingly, not prepared to back down either, so where does that leave us, the true custodians of Coventry City, "The Fans"?

If there was a magic wand that could be waved, or if we had the ability to knock a few heads together, it might make a difference, but it would appear that too much bad blood exists and neither party is prepared to give an inch. I am sure no-one would have wanted to get to this predicament, but this is where we are, so where to now?

Talks have broken down, with no more discussions planned, the Football Club have had their Bank Accounts frozen, so it is only a matter of time before they run out of money, probably meaning that the Players & Staff will not get paid, and , potentially de-railing any lingering hopes of a Play-Off place too!

So please, for all our sake's, get back round the table and get this thing sorted out sooner, rather than later. Why not get someone like Joe Elliot to mediate, he knows both parties, loves the football club, understands the political posturing and he may be just the man to get this ridiculous Stalemate sorted to everyone's Satisfaction.

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