Thank You Robbo!

By G T on Feb 13, 13 08:43 AM in Fans

So, another promising young manager jumps ship, taking with him the Key to a possible play-off place and probably, any last chance of promotion. The question you need to ask yourself is: What would you do?

Robbins was building a new team for Sky Blues fans, with quality in all positions and the dead wood being left to drift away, so he should be applauded for that, but he has been hamstrung in his attempts to get a Decent Striker into the club.

David McGoldrick was just that striker, but he was allowed to leave the club and any chance of promotion went with him. It wasn't Robbins fault that he left, and I am pretty sure he would have done everything within his power to prevent him going, but go he did.

Leon Clarke is not going to score the goals to get us into the play-off places, so Robbins could probably see the "writing on the wall". He has built his stock as a manager, and had some fantastic results here, and he leaves Coventry City in a far better place than when he arrived. Over 30,000 fans last week is a huge success for our club, so the fans are still out there, they just needed a shove and something to cheer for!

We had momentum, but that has slowed recently, we have lost the league's top scorer and bought in a journeyman who blows hot & cold and is not likely to score the goals to keep up a sustained promotion push, so I ask you again: what would you do?
If we are looking for scapegoats, we need look no further than the money-men (and women) who are running the football club. Robbins must have asked for them to back him for the final push, but did they?

Thank you Mark, for turning us from relegation fodder into promotion hopefuls and good luck wherever you end up!

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