No loyalty shown by the departing Mark Robins

By Kevin Halls on Feb 13, 13 11:22 AM in Fans

SO Mark Robins is leaving Coventry City after only five months in charge to take over at Huddersfield Town and GT asks the question what would you do ?Well for a start I wouldn't say a few days ago that I was happy at Coventry and then in the next instance say I'm off to talk to another club.

But I'm from the old school when if you said something you'd honour it but managers are no better than players these days where contracts are ripped up in the blink of an eye and the offer of more money is grabbed greedily with no thought or consideration to the fans or club left behind.

But talk is cheap these days and football is no different than listening to Bankers or Politicians talking as they say one thing but mean another in other words it's all Bull !

Then we wonder why fans are deserting the club in their thousands as they see players leave who score goals but just go to other clubs and now we have to watch as a promising manager just walks out the door leaving us scratching our heads and asking the question what's the point ?

Why did Robins sign a three year contract or whatever it was just to sneakily think to himself as soon as a better offer comes along I'm off ?he keeps going on about how impressed he is with the support especially away from home and what a massive club we are when as soon as some other club shows an interest he suddenly thinks he's some sort of Sir Alex Ferguson or on a par with the Special One ?

I use the word loyalty a lot but it shows how naive I am as loyalty is as about as popular a word as Horsemeat is now ! So we had King yapping away saying how grateful he was to Coventry when we offered a helping hand followed by McGoldrick who said the same when he was doing nothing now we've got Mark Robins jumping ship.

So a word of warning fellow Sky Blue fans when the next player or manager says words like Grateful,Thankful,or Massive Club,take it with a pinch of salt as they are about as truthful as a politician on a motoring charge !

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