Let's face facts the Sky Blues blew it big time !

By Kevin Halls on Feb 7, 13 07:45 PM in Fans

THE Ricoh Arena was packed to the rafters and I felt so proud to be amongst so many Coventry City supporters for the Crewe match but boy oh boy were we all brought back down to Earth with a bump ?

The anticipation before kick off was immense as we all thought we were going to see the City turn it on but even though they had more possession and were constantly on the attack we were sucker punched three times.

It was like watching a boxing match with one doing all the punching while the opponent was content to soak up the pressure and ending up black and blue but winning on points.

But it's only half time and in Football we all know anything can happen but our defence is too wobbly and frail when coming under pressure and we will have to try and get three goals at their place without them replying.

While that could be achieved I can't see them not scoring at least once as they know city will have to attack them and they can do us on the break yet again.

I hope my pessimism is unfounded and we turn them over and get to Wembley but I feel we should concentrate now on a top six place starting with Yeovil on Saturday.The team that turns out has to get back to winning ways and get the three points because a defeat or draw will just not be good enough.

Other teams in and around us may go on a winning run so it's important we ourselves go on a run too as they have those games in hand and we could end up going nowhere.

The crowd will be much lower on Saturday with only the hardcore turning up I imagine but so be it as we know that will be the case anyway but at least the players can't say the massive crowd affected them now can they ?

So we still have plenty to play for and they just have to start banging in all of the chances being created and more importantly tighten up at the back.I just hope this season doesn't just fade away into nothingness again because you only had to look at the fantastic support the other night we want something good to happen and don't we deserve it !

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