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Uncle Joe to the Rescue?

By G T on Feb 28, 13 04:30 PM in Fans

IT looks very much like we are heading for a case of: "Who Blinks First" in the negotiations over the Ricoh Arena rent row, with neither side willing to back down and a possible stalemate looking more and more likely. The negotiations have broken down, with no sign of an agreement being reached, so it looks like this one is headed for the courts, rather than arbitration, which will just end up costing both sides money that could be better spent elsewhere.

What does that mean for Sky Blues fans?

Well, it is all a bit worrying in my opinion; the owners of the Stadium are limited in what action they can take, without winding up the football club completely, as they cannot force SISU to pay them without threatening the very existence of Coventry City Football Club!

Mr Fisher and his gang are well aware of this and are, seemingly, not prepared to back down either, so where does that leave us, the true custodians of Coventry City, "The Fans"?

If there was a magic wand that could be waved, or if we had the ability to knock a few heads together, it might make a difference, but it would appear that too much bad blood exists and neither party is prepared to give an inch. I am sure no-one would have wanted to get to this predicament, but this is where we are, so where to now?

Talks have broken down, with no more discussions planned, the Football Club have had their Bank Accounts frozen, so it is only a matter of time before they run out of money, probably meaning that the Players & Staff will not get paid, and , potentially de-railing any lingering hopes of a Play-Off place too!

So please, for all our sake's, get back round the table and get this thing sorted out sooner, rather than later. Why not get someone like Joe Elliot to mediate, he knows both parties, loves the football club, understands the political posturing and he may be just the man to get this ridiculous Stalemate sorted to everyone's Satisfaction.

WE'VE said this so many times over the years but it has to be repeated yet again that the week ahead is a massive seven days for our club.As tomorrow we entertain at the Ricoh our new nemesis Crewe followed on Tuesday evening with a tough away trip to high flying Bournemouth at Dean Court then it's back to the Ricoh when we play the other top side in League One Swindon Town.

So at the end of this week the City could be settled in the top six or languishing outside with any realistic dreams of a play off place fading away.I feel two wins from these three tough fixtures would be a great return seeing we are now entering the time of the season when teams will drop points and shocks will happen.

But three defeats would be a disaster and as we all know Football is a strange game with twists and turns and that could happen but hopefully it won't and the march to the Arch is still on.

SO Mark Robins is leaving Coventry City after only five months in charge to take over at Huddersfield Town and GT asks the question what would you do ?Well for a start I wouldn't say a few days ago that I was happy at Coventry and then in the next instance say I'm off to talk to another club.

But I'm from the old school when if you said something you'd honour it but managers are no better than players these days where contracts are ripped up in the blink of an eye and the offer of more money is grabbed greedily with no thought or consideration to the fans or club left behind.

But talk is cheap these days and football is no different than listening to Bankers or Politicians talking as they say one thing but mean another in other words it's all Bull !


Thank You Robbo!

By G T on Feb 13, 13 08:43 AM in Fans

So, another promising young manager jumps ship, taking with him the Key to a possible play-off place and probably, any last chance of promotion. The question you need to ask yourself is: What would you do?

Robbins was building a new team for Sky Blues fans, with quality in all positions and the dead wood being left to drift away, so he should be applauded for that, but he has been hamstrung in his attempts to get a Decent Striker into the club.

David McGoldrick was just that striker, but he was allowed to leave the club and any chance of promotion went with him. It wasn't Robbins fault that he left, and I am pretty sure he would have done everything within his power to prevent him going, but go he did.

Leon Clarke is not going to score the goals to get us into the play-off places, so Robbins could probably see the "writing on the wall". He has built his stock as a manager, and had some fantastic results here, and he leaves Coventry City in a far better place than when he arrived. Over 30,000 fans last week is a huge success for our club, so the fans are still out there, they just needed a shove and something to cheer for!

We had momentum, but that has slowed recently, we have lost the league's top scorer and bought in a journeyman who blows hot & cold and is not likely to score the goals to keep up a sustained promotion push, so I ask you again: what would you do?
If we are looking for scapegoats, we need look no further than the money-men (and women) who are running the football club. Robbins must have asked for them to back him for the final push, but did they?

Thank you Mark, for turning us from relegation fodder into promotion hopefuls and good luck wherever you end up!


Coventry City deserted

By TJL on Feb 12, 13 09:06 PM in

IT CERTAINLY makes a change; a manager leaving Coventry City after being courted by a rival club. Managerial departures of late have tended to be the result of acrimonious sackings or bitter resignations; often polarising public opinion but generally leaving the Sky Blue Army relishing a fresh start.

That is not the case here, with many claiming that Robins' departure means a top half finish is out of the question. While that is clearly a claim riddled with haste and incredulity, even the most optimistic of City fans must fear that this revelation could derail our push for a playoff spot.

Although the details of Robins' exit remain fairly unclear, it's hard not to agree with those who have filled Sky Blue message boards with disheartened polemics.

A FAN with a significantly less rosy inclination than my own, sat a few rows behind me on Saturday, exclaimed that our season was over after the referee's whistle brought another disappointing home showing to a close.

Despite having endured the same frustrating 90 minutes, I was not quite ready to dismiss our playoff chances, although with games fast running out I can certainly understand the aforementioned fan's gloomy outlook.

As ever, Mark Robins was spot on with his post-match analysis; identifying the team's problems with a degree of brevity that was no-doubt induced by the performance he had just witnessed. I would disagree, however, with one of his observations.


Goals The Problem?

By G T on Feb 11, 13 11:36 AM in Fans

It is looking more and more obvious, that the lack of goals will scupper the Sky Blue's hopes of a trip or two to Wembley, via the Play-Off's or JPT Final. If you totally dominate play, create 17 chances on goal and fail to score, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out where to problems lie?

It was the same story against Yeovil on Saturday, with enough chances to grab a share of the spoils, but none taken. Don't get me wrong, City probably got no more than they deserved against Yeovil, who were very well organised and snuffed out anything we threw at them, but it is obvious that our lack of a goal - scorer could prove our undoing, come the end of season.

The Yeovil display was a bit of an "After the Lord Mayor's Show" performance, with too many players seemingly feeling sorry for themselves after all their hard work in midweek, but there were no signs from Leon Clarke, that he can, adequately, fill the void left by David (17 goals in 24 games) McGoldrick's departure. He looks a bit like him, but that is where the similarity ends!

I would suggest that Mark Robbins has spotted the shortcomings in our striking options, hence the signing of Danny Philliskirk, but has he got the goal scoring nous required, to pull us up the table?

The Yeovil game was, arguably, a bigger game than the Crewe match, as we are now 4 points behind Sheff Utd, Brentford & Yeovil (5th, 6th & 7th Place) but they all have 2 games in hand over us.

Is it too late, no, not really, but with the financial constraints tying Robbins hands, it will need a super human effort for us to get promoted this season!

THE Ricoh Arena was packed to the rafters and I felt so proud to be amongst so many Coventry City supporters for the Crewe match but boy oh boy were we all brought back down to Earth with a bump ?

The anticipation before kick off was immense as we all thought we were going to see the City turn it on but even though they had more possession and were constantly on the attack we were sucker punched three times.

It was like watching a boxing match with one doing all the punching while the opponent was content to soak up the pressure and ending up black and blue but winning on points.


Coventry City must bounce back

By TJL on Feb 7, 13 04:31 PM in

"YOU KNOW what the turning point was? The JPT area final against Crewe; that's where it all went wrong"

I have an exasperating fear that I will mutter these words come the end of this season. There's no denying that Tuesday night's game had the potential to be a focal point for our campaign. It was a gargantuan occasion, filled with enough pageantry and excitement to make you forget that many looked upon this competition with distain just a few months ago.

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