Where have all these Coventry City fans been hiding ?

By Kevin Halls on Jan 29, 13 11:28 AM in Fans

BEEN reading in the Coventry Telegraph today that the Crewe Paint Trophy tie is heading for a sell out next week with all the home tickets almost gone.

While that is great for the club and it will create a fantastic atmosphere on the night it has to be asked "where have all these fans been and where are they coming from ?

Then again with tickets only costing a Fiver and the possibility of a day out at Wembley if the City get through to the Final you can see the reason why.

But when you follow the Sky Blues week in and week out and look around the Ricoh at a less than half full stadium you think to yourself we need more fans turning up and getting behind the team.

I stand in Singers Corner at home games and see the same faces there at every match and you know they'll be there the next game and the one after that and so on and so on.

In other words they are true supporters of Coventry City Football Club the life blood of our beloved Sky Blues. The hardcore and the backbone is how I would describe them and without them where would the club be ?

I remember the Chelsea F.A.Cup tie a few years back and the packed out Ricoh and the atmosphere that day but when we got knocked out only the regulars were there at the next match.

And we know that will be the case when the Paint trophy competition is over even if we go on to win it as those turning up next Tuesday will more than likely go back to doing whatever they do on matchdays.

Coventry City Football Club have finally got a manager who is ambitious and us fans think the world of him for what he is doing here and given time and backing can move us forward and not backwards like other managers we have had.

But that means more fans turning up especially at home games as our away following is the best in this division by a country mile. Wouldn't it be good if a lot of supporters who attend the Crewe game win or lose decide to return again and join us regulars ?

But call me a pessimist but I have a strong feeling when all this Cup fever has died down that it will be back to normal again with just the hardcore cheering the team on.

If that is the case so be it as we are now used to being in the minority but I long for the day when the Ricoh is full with Sky Blue supporters getting behind the players in their quest in getting back to the top flight.

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