Deal or No Deal?

By G T on Jan 16, 13 09:10 AM in Fans

SO, what does the council bail out mean for SISU's future at Coventry City?

Is it the end of their gamble to get the ground on the cheap?

Are they really going to pay the £1m+ that they owe for rent?

Did they have a "Plan B" in place, should ACL not go into administration?

Could it spell the end for CCFC as we know it?

As always, there are likely to be more questions than answers, but this deal could spell the end for CCFC as we currently know it.

It looks as though SISU were trying to push ACL under, sending them bankrupt to enable them to buy the stadium and land for next to nothing, so now that cannot happen, what are SISU going to do next?

Are they really prepared to put any more money into the club, to enable Mark Robbins to continue his successful rebuilding job. There are real signs of recovery on the playing side and there is a possible chance of a return trip to Wembley in the not too distant future, not to mention the possibility of a play off place come the end of the season.

Let's hope that all the players involved in this ongoing drama can get together sooner, rather than later, sit down and work out a plan that gives hope and a future to Coventry City Football Club.

Fingers crossed..................................................

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