In praise of Dave Sexton

By Skybluekev on Dec 5, 12 03:55 PM in Fans

THE recent news about Dave Sexton and the article in last Saturday's Telegraph by Jim Brown brought vivid memories back to me of his time at the club

I recall being very impressed that the club had secured the services of the former Chelsea, Manchester Utd and QPR manager

He also of course was in charge of the England Under 21 team.

This came at a team when the club had a rich vien of talented young players. The team picture in Saturday's Telegraph showed some of those players who it seemed would only gain from working with a coach like Dave Sexton

As Jim Brown says results were mixed with a runs of good results,and some not so good. But the style and quality of the football was there for all to see

As Jim says Dave Sexton was sacked and replaced by Bobby Gould seemingly because he was a former Coventry City player. This baffled me then and with the passage of time still does.

This disillusioned group of young players who were devoted to thier coach just left. They were replaced by a group of lower division players who were far from thier equal.

Dave Sexton had the ability to lift a group of players to achieve up to thier maximum. His sheer knowledge of football meant his teams were always brilliantly prepared.

He was a world away from some of the media celebrity types who tend to do the job today. It's right that the club remembers his time as manager even if it was all to brief.

He was a footballer's manager in the vien of Bobby Robson,but tended to earn the respect of both fans and players

In this age of remembering managers with statues it would seem appropriate that his role in Chelsea's history should be marked in that way at the very least

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