Coventry City may well have banished the away day blues

By Skybluekev on Dec 20, 12 01:33 PM in Fans

IVE written before about my teams inability to produce performances away from home,particularly against teams near the top of the table

So I'm still delighted by the 4-1 win at Doncaster last week. As Andy Turner said it sends a message to the other contenders

Off course performances at Swindon and Brentford earlier in the season started well but levelled off. We've now won four in a row away though

Trips to top sixers Stevenage and Milton Keynes are to come. It does seem that Mark Robins has the team in a very positive mood and I'm more than a little optimistic

These quality performances away are timely because the hapless individuals who run things of the pitch are trying to convince parties involved that we could play our "home" games away from the Ricoh

I found myself struggling to look at that option seriously though. It seems just one part of the absurd posturing coming from the club over the rent issue

As much as I love the club I find myself siding with ACL in thier battle against SISU.

Clearly the club have a right to renegotiate the rent. They also have a moral obligation to pay at the current level until that renegotiation is complete

A rent based on projected 20 thousand attendances that never materialised obviously seems out of proportion in the situation the club finds itself in. But of course this situation comes from SISU's cost cutting which led to inevitable relegation

ACL according to the leaked offer to the Telegraph which hasn't been denied have been more than helpful to the club. Allowing income on matchday sales and allowing ten years to repay money owed is generous. A 60% cut in the rent level is very generous

They know the Ricoh is marketed as the "home of Coventry City". They probably know more than two concerts a year are feasible without them

As I write 6 days from a potential winding up order Im unconcerned. I feel sure after the've finished posturing SISU will take the deal and save City fans from perpetual away games

I do note the part of ACL's statement that said rent is a small part of the clubs costs and what's needed is a sustainable business plan for Coventry City's future

That would be worth seeing

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