A Bleak Midwinter or a Happy New Year for Coventry City ?

By Kevin Halls on Dec 10, 12 02:16 PM in Fans

IT felt good to be a Sky Blue fan on Saturday after watching the City turn on the style in beating a battling Walsall side.

And the atmosphere was good too especially in Singers Corner and towards the end with the help from the Drummer the Ricoh was rocking and it made you want the game to carry on longer.

Leaving the Arena you would never have guessed that in just a few weeks time we could leaving it for good as the City fans were all on a high.But if the powers that be don't settle things financially this could really happen.

Us fans who turn up on a regular basis surely deserve better than this though ?
We may be small in numbers but we are faithful and have stuck with the club through all the highs and lows.

We never wanted to leave Highfield Road but even though we don't own the Ricoh we still see it as our home ground and to leave it now just as Mark Robins has turned things around would be devastating.

The majority of football fans aren't business people they are lovers of the game and their club so what happens off the pitch never really concerns them. But due to all the talk and reports in the papers it is impossible not to be affected by it all.

Talking after the Walsall match to fellow City fans about what's going to happen it left me thinking how stoic our fans are as they said we will go and watch them where ever we end up playing.

Rumour has it that could be at the Butts Park Arena,Nuneatons ground,and believe it or not Birmingham's St Andrews ! I hope this is just pub talk though as we don't want to go anywhere we want to stay put.

Years ago you never heard about boardroom matters but that's changed now as you are privy to almost everything going on even SISU have opened up a bit lately as they were silent for so long.

But at the end of the day all we care about is climbing the table and carrying on the form we are at last starting to show. So all we want for Christmas is to hear that we will still be playing at the Ricoh,and that David McGoldrick has signed up for us.

Now that would be the best Christmas present wouldn't it ?

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