Who needs Marlon King when we've got McGoldrick ?

By Kevin Halls on Nov 9, 12 12:22 PM in Fans

WHEN I read the news in the Telegraph this morning that David McGoldrick wants to stay here at Coventry it really perked me up no end as all the talk lately looked negative really and I thought here we go again another Marlon King fiasco.

But if he really does love it here and there's no suggestion he doesn't then it would be fantastic for all us City fans to see him stay here till at least the end of the season.

He resembles King in build and style of play I reckon but without any off the field antics that Marlon carries around him wherever he goes and David certainly knows where the net is so we really do need him to stay with us because without him we could suffer badly.

When McGoldrick came here I was like the majority of Sky Blue supporters thinking he won't do much as he hasn't exactly been on fire for a long time has he ? But just how wrong were we in our pre judgement of him as he looks good enough to play at a much higher level.

We can see that this division isn't what you could call full of great players or teams who play fantastic football,but it is competitive and players will get stuck in and you have to be on your game or you will come unstuck.

But you don't need to be an expert to see that in McGoldrick we have a player who will score goals and who works hard to create chances for others.. . So the club has to do everything in it's power to get him here because we saw the reaction to losing King didn't we ?

Twenty goals a season strikers are hard to come by in any division and we have got one wearing the Sky Blue right now which I never thought I'd get to see this season which must give the manager a real boost ?

But as we keep on reading it may be out of the clubs hands come the transfer window but the signs are good as David is dropping plenty of hints to where he would like to be isn't he ? But that dreaded word has popped up like some dreaded disease that won't go away and it is my AGENT !

How I hate to hear that name mentioned as it conjures up the sound of money,money,and more money ! So let's hope McGoldrick lets his own judgement be the decider and not his agent and I tell you what if he signs on full time the City fans will love him even more than they do now.

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