Coventry City's Hairy Heros

By West End Boy on Nov 9, 12 02:40 PM in Fans

With the month on 'Movember' here it seems like it is time to take a look at the hairiest yet one of the most successful teams Coventry City teams we have produced. In the 1977-78 season we finished 7th just missing out on a place in Europe.

In the seventies where facial hair was a trend, Coventry City took it to another level that even out 'mo ed' the mighty Liverpool of McDermott and Souness. Coventry City could have fielded a team that wouldn't have looked out of place in a spaghetti western.

In goal was Jim Blyth owner of a reasonable 'mo' at fullback was Harry Roberts, Graham Oakey and Bobby MacDonald who all owned one. At centre half was Jim Holton and his legendary moustache alongside Alan Dugdale who sported a 'Merv Hughes' style mo.

In midfield there were more legends with Tommy Hutchinson, Barry Powell and Terry Yorath who was signed from Leeds as a player rather than for his handle bar moustache. Don Nardiello moved up to the first from the reserves and seemed obliged to grow one to fit in.

Up front they went for even more facial hair with Mick Ferguson and Alan Green supporting beards.

Even some of the emerging players joined in such as Andy Blair and Paul Dyson.

Some players did manage to resist the lure of the mo such as Ian Wallace, Mick Coop, Keith Osgood and Garry Thompson. John Beck always seemed to be trying to grow a beard but not quite succeeding.

If we could add two or three of the 'hairy' bunch to the current squad then a return to the Championship would certainly be on the cards.

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