A Love-Hate relationship with Coventry City Football Club

By Kevin Halls on Nov 16, 12 10:43 AM in Fans

EVEN the most die hard Sky Blues fan I reckon would have said to himself after the Scunthorpe game why do I bother ?

In the pub after the match that very question was asked time and time again as a large group of us sought solace in alcohol and the replies were varied as to why we continue with our support.

Some said they like the drinking and the banter others liked to get away from shopping with the other half and a couple said it broke the weekend up. When I replied I carry on going not because I like watching poor football in a very poor league I go simply because I still love my Football club.

Someone said that's because I've witnessed good times under Jimmy Hill and when Noel Cantwell got us into Europe and when we won the Cup. I said that's true which got me thinking would I be so devoted if I'd only been a supporter say since the 90's ?

And to be honest I don't think I would be and I take my hat off to the younger City fans who continue going as they have had nothing to get excited about at all.

Us older fans have seen some great players wear the Sky Blue seen great matches and have been all around the country amongst thousands of City fans.

So when I'm low and down and thinking shall I call it a day i just recall all those past times and pull myself together and hope and pray they may return one day.

This season has been rotten and I hate being in this division as the standard of football is poor and the atmosphere gets worse week by week in fact if it wasn't for singers corner getting behind the team they may as well play behind closed doors !

But I'll carry on supporting the Sky Blues even though the club I love have made me pull out my hair and even questioned my sanity !

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