Coventry City just a small club playing in League One ?

By Kevin Halls on Oct 19, 12 11:41 AM in Fans

ON the phone in programme after the Swindon Town match a fan of Swindon texted or tweeted in to say in a sarcastic manner I thought that his club should be beating small clubs like ours and he went on to add that we are a very poor side too,

My first reaction was of who the Hell does he think he is slagging my club off like that and that coming from a fan of Swindon who aren't exactly a giant of English football are they ?

But later on I thought to myself the reason it niggled me so much was that maybe he's right and we are a small club now and not the big fish we think we are.

We were led to believe that other clubs and their fans would look on us as the big club who have played Premier League football and have got history as well as a big ultra modern stadium to pay their home games in.

But that hasn't been the case really has it as we have struggled up to the arrival of our new manager. But that Swindon's fans comment isn't the only one I've heard this season and maybe it's only been Sky Blue supporters who still think we are the big fish ?

You look around the Ricoh this season at a not even half full arena and a few hundred away fans singing that our grounds too big for us.Then you know that we are just a small club now when you hear that and it is hard to take in.

But it is probably the same for the likes of Portsmouth and Sheffield United too as i see the both of them as big clubs and who's to say they don't get the same reaction as well ?

So the little club comments could be just sarcasm and tongue in cheek just to try and bring us down and just a cover up masking their inferiority to us who knows ?
But then again they could be right so if that is the case we have to keep winning games and climb up to the top then we can say to them that we are where we should be as we are Coventry City the big club who won't be here for very long !

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