Coventry City are a work in progress

By Skybluekev on Oct 16, 12 12:09 PM in Fans

AIDY BOOTHROYD's old slogan if anything seems even more to the point at the beginning of Mark Robin's term of management for we seem just that

We all knew the problems with the team under Andy Thorn but the only one who didn't seem to know what to do about it was Andy himself

Mark Robins has quickly come in and understood what needs to be done and set about doing it.
I joined the Sky Blue Army at Arsenal and strangely was enthused as my team lost 6-1. At least we battled through playing football right to the end

In the games since we have defended with more resolution than previously there's no doubt. And the additions to the side have upped its quality

Jamie Reckord looks quality at left back. James Bailey and Frank Moussa are valuable additions in Midfield. Upfront Robins has paired a good combination in McGoldrick and Ball.

It's easy to get over excited but no ones more aware than Robins that though the improvement is obvious there is still some way to go

The team's confidence is still fragile. I saw the Milton Keynes game where an excellent first half hour was followed by a poor second half when we held on for a point. Against Swindon yet again we let a two goal lead slip

Both opponents were in the top six at the time. Clearly we suffered from an inferiority complex. But there is need for us to fear anyone in this league. Swindon were two league's below us last season

So confidence is fragile, we are still prone to losing leads. We still seem incapable of putting together a consistent ninety minutes.

And yet I tend to believe that Robins can turn this round. He seems to be very proactive and sees the problems quickly. It will take time of course and it remains to be seen whether it can be done in time for a play off challenge.

As with everyone who went to Arsenal no doubt I received an e-mail from Mark Robins. It was the most honest direct communication I have ever received from a Coventry City manager.

He invited me to continue to give the club my support and shared his future hopes for the club. He warned we might get "slapped in the face" on the way. I certainly felt that after the Swindon game

But I'm minded to keep supporting his work in progress because it could be very interesting when it's finished

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