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McGoaldraught to return?

By G T on Oct 28, 12 01:08 PM in Fans

Whatever will we do when David McGoldrick returns to Nottingham Forest at Christmas time? Who is going to score the goals to get us up and away from the relegation zone? If, as expected, we are still in the mire at Christmas?

He has taken his tally to 8 goals for the Sky Blues now, with the next best being Cody McDonald with 3 goals and Captain Baker on 2!

I am reliably informed, by a friend of mine who works at Forest, that he has been given the nickname of David McGoaldraught by his peers at the club, due to his lack of success there, but it would appear that the Goal - Draught may be heading our way, when he finishes his three month loan spell with us.

I also understand that a club from just up the road from his parent club are hovering to snap him up, as soon as his loan spell finishes with us, leaving us in dire straits, as far as goal scoring is concerned. None of the other strikers we have at the club look like getting the goals to ensure at least safety in this league. So it is a bit of a dilemma, to say the least.

We have seen some pretty good strikers at the club, but with the possible exception of Marlon King, we have not had a more prolific striker or all round "leader of the line" at our disposal for many a year. So where does that leave us? Well we went almost a full year before we signed an outfield player, only a couple of years ago, so, as always with Coventry City:

Expect the unexpected........................

ON the phone in programme after the Swindon Town match a fan of Swindon texted or tweeted in to say in a sarcastic manner I thought that his club should be beating small clubs like ours and he went on to add that we are a very poor side too,

My first reaction was of who the Hell does he think he is slagging my club off like that and that coming from a fan of Swindon who aren't exactly a giant of English football are they ?

But later on I thought to myself the reason it niggled me so much was that maybe he's right and we are a small club now and not the big fish we think we are.

AIDY BOOTHROYD's old slogan if anything seems even more to the point at the beginning of Mark Robin's term of management for we seem just that

We all knew the problems with the team under Andy Thorn but the only one who didn't seem to know what to do about it was Andy himself

Mark Robins has quickly come in and understood what needs to be done and set about doing it.
I joined the Sky Blue Army at Arsenal and strangely was enthused as my team lost 6-1. At least we battled through playing football right to the end

In the games since we have defended with more resolution than previously there's no doubt. And the additions to the side have upped its quality

WELL what a pleasant surprise the Sky Blues have won two games on the trot scoring Five and conceding none. To be honest watching the team so far this season I didn't think they had it in them.

But since the thrashing at Arsenal in the League Cup they have huffed and puffed their way through games and somehow have come out relatively unscathed. Can they now finally start to believe in themselves a bit more and show us fans that they can play a bit ?

I thought maybe the game at Arsenal could be too much for some of the players but as someone said to me recently how can confidence be destroyed if there's none there in the first place ?

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