Here's to a new Sky Blue Revolution

By Skybluekev on Sep 21, 12 07:20 PM in Fans

BACK in the early sixties an awful defeat to non league Kings Lynn ushered in a new manager Jimmy Hill who energised the club and made history

The 4-1 defeat at Shrewsbury which dropped us to second bottom of the third division created similar despair. But from that disasterous low point another new face is in the Management chair

Like Jimmy, Mark Robins begins at the foot of the Third Division if he can create half of the success of that era he will be a fans hero

Jimmy of course was helped by another visionary hero who served as Chairman. Derrick Robins in many ways is just as key a figure in the club's history

It seems apt that another Robins is at the club in its time of need. In a very short time he's seemed thoughtful and yet also a man of action. A new coach and three loan signings shows he doersnt let the grass grow

Yet without the continued support from the clubs management he wont be able to do his job. On that front even things seem encouraging

We were told at the fans forum there is a three year plan.The instability caused by passing the begging bowl to SISU every year didnt help. Finding the money for the extra loan signing is encouraging

If the long term planning holds it may be that Garry Hoffman's resignation because of the lack of it has finally got through

Today we hear it seems likely the club has secured a half share of the Ricoh Management Company. If this is true its hard to reconcile the expense involved with a n organisation reneging on rent payments

It's clear that SISU are prepared to be more forthcoming with investment in the club after thier disasterous cost cutting led to relegation

Sadly that's history, but because of it cynicism from the fans is both natural and justified. Possibly thier representatives showing more people skills than was exercised in dealing with the bonus issue would help.

And stopping playing games over the rent issue would be welcome

Mark Robins has a lot of challenges. He has to lift a group of players who'se confidence has been shattered by events. Some will have to be moved out. The shambolic defending needs addressing. We need a system that helps us exert pressure on the opposition goal

But the Birmingham game shows that overall the playing staff is good enough to be doing so much better

I have deeply resented SISU policies in running my football clunb and am very attracted to the sentiment that I WANT SISU OUT.

But it's clear that they have shown more intent towards the club recently. To the extent that this has happened it shows fans protests have won through

Lets keep them under pressure to support Mark Robins and who knows what the future holds. The only way is up

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