Sky Blues v Brum: GT Player Ratings

By G T on Aug 31, 12 09:55 AM in Fans

GT Player Ratings:

6: ..... ..... ..... Joe Murphy

7: ..... ..... ..... Jordan Willis (62 mins, Cyrus Christie 6)

6: ..... ..... ..... Reece Brown

8: ..... ..... ..... William Edjenguele,

6: ..... ..... ..... Chris Hussey

8: ..... ..... ..... Steven Jennings

7: ..... ..... ..... Adam Barton (80 mins, Gary McSheffrey 5)

7: ..... ..... ..... Kevin Kilbane

9: ..... ..... ..... Carl Baker

7: ..... ..... ..... Cody McDonald (90 mins, Callum Bal 6)

8: ..... ..... ..... Stephen Elliott.


Carl Baker was at the heart of everything the Sky Blues did well and was well deserving of his Man Of The Match award, his effort and commitment has never been in question, but he has added a little more quality to his all round game now, and looks to be a real asset to the Sky Blues this season.

There can be no doubt that he is being helped in his role at the "point" of our preffered "Diamond Formation" by those around him, with Steven Jennings looking a real find, he is industrious, always available for a pass and is quite happy to put in a tackle. Alongside the deft touches of Barton and the hard work of Kilbane, we have, at last, a midfield that can compete with any in this league, and certainly showed they were more than a match for the Blue Noses from down the A45!

William Edjenguele never gave Marlon King a kick and I would imagine the former Sky Blues favourite will have been looking to see if his marker was sitting in the passenger seat of his car on the way home, whilst playing Jordan Willis at right back, gave us far more balance.

Up front, McDonald and Elliot are forming a formidable partnership and will be a match for any defence in league 1. Their link up play gets better with every game they play together and they both look to have goals in them!

One interesting point that came out of the game on Tuesday, was the ovation the visiting fans gave to Sky Blues favourite Gary McSheffrey. I was interested to see how they would react to his arrival as a late substitute, and to a man, they applauded him. He hardly set the world alight during his time at St Andrews, so it was maybe a lesson for the future to Sky Blues fans to appreciate "One of their Own"?

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