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GT Player Ratings:

6: ..... ..... ..... Joe Murphy

7: ..... ..... ..... Jordan Willis (62 mins, Cyrus Christie 6)

6: ..... ..... ..... Reece Brown

8: ..... ..... ..... William Edjenguele,

6: ..... ..... ..... Chris Hussey

8: ..... ..... ..... Steven Jennings

7: ..... ..... ..... Adam Barton (80 mins, Gary McSheffrey 5)

7: ..... ..... ..... Kevin Kilbane

9: ..... ..... ..... Carl Baker

7: ..... ..... ..... Cody McDonald (90 mins, Callum Bal 6)

8: ..... ..... ..... Stephen Elliott.


Carl Baker was at the heart of everything the Sky Blues did well and was well deserving of his Man Of The Match award, his effort and commitment has never been in question, but he has added a little more quality to his all round game now, and looks to be a real asset to the Sky Blues this season.

There can be no doubt that he is being helped in his role at the "point" of our preffered "Diamond Formation" by those around him, with Steven Jennings looking a real find, he is industrious, always available for a pass and is quite happy to put in a tackle. Alongside the deft touches of Barton and the hard work of Kilbane, we have, at last, a midfield that can compete with any in this league, and certainly showed they were more than a match for the Blue Noses from down the A45!

William Edjenguele never gave Marlon King a kick and I would imagine the former Sky Blues favourite will have been looking to see if his marker was sitting in the passenger seat of his car on the way home, whilst playing Jordan Willis at right back, gave us far more balance.

Up front, McDonald and Elliot are forming a formidable partnership and will be a match for any defence in league 1. Their link up play gets better with every game they play together and they both look to have goals in them!

One interesting point that came out of the game on Tuesday, was the ovation the visiting fans gave to Sky Blues favourite Gary McSheffrey. I was interested to see how they would react to his arrival as a late substitute, and to a man, they applauded him. He hardly set the world alight during his time at St Andrews, so it was maybe a lesson for the future to Sky Blues fans to appreciate "One of their Own"?

THREE draws, and the measly three points that accompany them, don't say much for a team scheming to bounce out of League One at the first attempt.

Scratch beneath the surface, however, and it's only the second half capitulation at home to Bury that should really ring alarm bells.

Those alarm bells did indeed ring, loud enough, in fact, to push the board into taking decisive action.

Looking beyond the managerial upheaval, whether or not the squad assembled by Thorn is strong enough to earn promotion is a question of huge significance.

WHAT a whirlwind summer it has been for Coventry City. Relegation preceded an unprecedented outflow of talent, before we were treated to no fewer than 9 fresh faces prior to the 2012/13 curtain raiser.

An undefeated start somehow led to the removal of the embattled Andy Thorn; a decision that has clearly polarised opinion without really leaving anyone massively devastated. Now we sit manager-less, a situation we have found ourselves in all too often over the last ten years.

WATCHING from the stands on Tuesday night the quality of performance from the players shortly after the Bury surrender more than justified the decision to sack Andy Thorn

Like a lot of fans I was bemused about why this wasnt done at the end of last season or even early enough before the end of it that relegation could have been staved off

For me SISU cost cutting meant the squad was inadequate when injuries struck. But Thorn should have been capable of getting far more from the experienced players at his disposal

As I said in my last blog already this season precious ground had been lost and the same mistakes were made as last season so it's hard to dispute the decision


Next Sky Blues Manager?

By G T on Aug 27, 12 02:37 PM in Fans

SO, who should it be, who should take the helm and guide the Sky Blues back to the promised land, who would you put your money on, who is best equipped to get the players playing and winning, who should the board look to for inspiration. Who has the knowledge and experience to guide the club to promotion from League 1 and then hopefully, back into the Premier League?

The latest odds for the new Coventry City manager's job are as follows:

Gary Megson 4/1

Dean Holdsworth 6/1

Lee Carsley 6/1

Richard Shaw 8/1

Dennis Wise 10/1

Steve Davis 12/1

Micky Adams 14/1

Uwe Rosler 14/1

Paolo Di Canio 14/1

Micky Mellon 14/1

Not to mention the likes of out of work managers: Billy Davies, Harry Redknapp, Tony Adams, Roy Keane, Mick McCarthy, Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle, Paul Ince, Gordon Strachen, Steve McClaren and Alex McLeish, to name but a few.

There are a lot of decent managers out there looking for a new role, (not to mention those currently doing well at their own clubs) determined to get the best from a "Sleeping Giant", all with a point to prove and the know - how to get the best out of players.

When you look at the list of available candidates, it doesn't make the job of naming Andy Thorn's replacement look any easier, but it does, at least, give us an idea of the quality of those available ready to jump at the chance!

But who would be your favourite?

It's not going to be as easy as it looks, is it??????????????

SO Andy Thorn has been shown the door by those in charge at our football club which leaves us Sky Blue fans asking who's going to take his place ?

Will Carsley and Shaw be given time to show us what there made of ? Or will someone with more experience be handed the job ? I hear the name of Harry Redknapp being mentioned which made me spit out my toast in disbelief this morning.

And surely Billy Davies who left Forest because he wanted more cash to spend there wouldn't come to a club with hardly any money at all ?


One Half Wonders?

By G T on Aug 26, 12 12:24 PM in Fans

AN astonishing show of tactical naivety from the manager and coaches leave City fans booing off a team in a game that was there for the taking. The second half was as bad as the first half was good, but once again, the sky Blues come away with only a point against lowly Bury. There can be no complaints about the result, Bury were worthy of a draw for their second half performance, what can be questioned are the tactics, or lack of, from Andy Thorn. Bury made two changes early in the second half, throwing three up front in an attempt to get a foothold in the game, whilst we just stood back and waited, we waited and we waited some more, until the 70 minute to be exact, before making any changes ourselves, by which time, it was too late and the three points had been snatched away from us.

When the changes did come, they probably weakened our team, with Baker, who had been at the heart of everything good we did in the first half, being replaced by McSheffrey and Cody McDonald being replaced by the totally ineffective Calum ball!
It was obvious that Adam Barton was struggling in the second half, whilst the mostly anonymous Kevin Kilbane was also offering little of a positive influence. He reminded me of Paul McCartney at the Olympic closing ceremony, as someone who used to have a talent, but has long since lost it. He bought little to the party and was more often than not, too slow in both thought and deed.

As for the back four, Reece Brown is certainly not a full back, whilst it was a tossup between him and Hussey as to who provided the worst crosses into the box, when they found themselves in advanced positions. Hussey had little to do in a defensive capacity, but often wasted the chance to put even a half decent ball into the box, whilst Brown looked like a fish out of water at right back! That leaves us with Mr Malaga; he looks like he could do a job at centre back, but his distribution was shocking, whilst his heading ability was nothing short of appalling, with his attempted headed clearance leading directly to the penalty from which the Bury fight back started. He headed the ball straight up into the air, leaving Wood with little option but to challenge for it, whilst inadvertently shoving the centre forward in his effort to attack the ball.

All in all, it was a pretty frustrating game to watch, City offered plenty in the first half to shut the "Thorn Out Brigade" up, but the second half showing was "X rated" stuff and the players were deservedly booed off at the final whistle. It is the manager's job to get the best out of his players, and I am afraid to say that Thorn is only getting that in one half of a game at present. If you compare our results (tipped for promotion by the bookies) with those of Gary Johnson at Yeovil, who were the bookies favourites for relegation, then you could surely only come to one conclusion?

SO what do you think of it so far City fans ?

Those of us who assumed we would walk through this league are getting a bit of shot of reality unfortunately. When Micky Adams came to the club he said his job was to create a 'winning mentality".

Sadly Micky didnt suceed. Now in a situation where the manager himself says his aim is promotion clearly three draws in the first three games arent good enough

The disheartening thing is the three games have shown many of the deficiencies that marked our play in last years relegation

AS I never went to the opening game at Yeovil on Saturday I made do by listening to it on the local radio station and to be honest it wasn't that enjoyable even though we did get the draw.

In fact whenever you listen to the City they always seem to make hard work of it no matter who they play and it's a case of huffing and puffing their way through a match.But I'd much rather be at the game as you can see for yourself what's going on instead of relying on the commentary.

Talking on Saturday night to a couple of fans who went to Yeovil they said it was a poor match and the Sky Blues looked very average and they both said they weren't too optimistic for our chances this season which listening to it confirmed my own thoughts.

TOMORROW Coventry City begins there first season in the third tier of English Football since the early sixties. This is before the lifetime of a some of thier supporters.

I could go on about the beginning of Beatlemania or Harold Wilson been made Prime Minister but I really dont need to rub it in

I feel that the present owners of the club should be deeply ashamed of what they have done to the Derek Robins and Jimmy Hill legacy

But what's done is done what we need now is a new "Sky Blue Revolution"

But can the current leadership recreate the dynamism of that period ?

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