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With the new season approaching it was nice to take time to visit the City of Coventry stadium and watch the Olympic match between New Zealand and Belarus.

Yes security was tight but it was well organised with lots of staff on hand.

It was however great to see so many families and women attending the match which was far from a classic.

The stadium had been 'de-Ricohed' but the Olympic banners and the flags of the participating nations certainly brightened the place up. Might be nice to keep them up for next season as a memento of the Olympics?

Being a 'neutral' game, the atmosphere was great with the crowd appreciating either team that showed a bit of flair or created a good chance. Even though the match was dull for long periods, the crowd managed to entertain them themselves with a number of Mexican Waves.

One of the criticism of the Ricoh is getting to and from the ground, yet for the Olympics numerous free buses were laid on to shuttle the crowd from the City Centre and train station to the ground. Even getting back didn't take too long with lots of buses and a well marshalled queuing system.

Maybe the club could learn a thing or two from the way the Olympics was delivered at the Ricoh?

HAS the heatwave we're having in Coventry sent me a bit all hot and bothered and left my brain a bit scrambled ?

Because I'm sure the football club I love and support is going a bit crazy at the moment with all of the new players coming in and others seemingly wanting to play for the Sky Blues,it's like I'm reading and hearing about some other club.

Fellow blogger GT writes that he's feeling good about things and if I'm not suffering from Sunstroke he's not the only one because it does look like the team we're putting together should do well in League One.


Sky Blue Hopes & Prayers!

By G T on Jul 27, 12 10:14 AM in Fans

AM I the only one who is getting a bit nervous now the season is approaching, with the hope that "This Could be OUR Year"? Seven players bought in to bolster the squad and the possibility of a speedy German winger to come! Could it really be the year that all our hopes and prayers are answered? Do SISU really have a battle plan to get us back into, at least, the Championship?

I am going to Nuneaton tomorrow to watch the friendly with a mixture of trepidation and expectation, that I cannot remember feeling for a few years with the Sky Blues. "Big Bruno" pushing Callum Ball and Cody McDonald up front with support from Fleck and Macca running from midfield, we should have plenty of attacking options.

The Midfield is certainly taking shape too, Kevin Kilbane is a proven international footballer, who brings bags of experience, add that to the passing talent of Connor Thomas and the raw talent of Gary Deegan and we shouldn't be found wanting for ball winners. Baker & Bell should thrive at this level too and gain the confidence to turn their potential into something more tangible.

At the back, we seem to have most bases covered too, Reece Brown should be a really useful addition and alongside one of: Wood, Cameron, Malaga or Edjenguele we should be a match for most teams, the full backs: Hussey and Clarke should benefit from the drop in opposition class too, and with Cyrus Christie pushing for a starting place, there seems to be competition all over the park, not to mention the young lads who have stepped up from the youth team!

We have, at last, signed some outfield players who should bring some much needed confidence into the rest of the squad, we are still a bit short of pace out wide, (step forward Herman) but I feel we are in a far better position at the start of this season, than we were at the same time last year. There is a bit of a feel about the place, a mixture of hope and resignation, for we are Coventry City fans, we don't really expect too much!

On a sad note, it was very sad to hear of the passing of a True Sky Blues legend, in Ernie Machin.

RIP....................Ernie; you were one of the best!



By G T on Jul 17, 12 06:14 PM in Fans

COULD it be that the Sky Blues owners had a "Master Plan" all along, knowing that if the club got relegated they could look at all of the following:

1, The Rent at the Ricoh (now known as "The City of Coventry Stadium")

2, The players Wages?

3, Cut down on the backroom staff?

4, Cutting the playing staff?

5, Get success in League 1 and fill the stadium?

The reasons I ask, if you look at the facts, (which have often been difficult to find) we went almost a year without signing an outfield player, whilst releasing several very useful members of our own staff. Andy Thorn was often exasperated by his lack of backing from the board, with their seeming lack of ambition preventing him from improving the squad.

We were looking like relegation fodder for months, without a word from the owners and certainly no plan to prevent the inevitable.

So why the sudden change of tact? 2 new centre halves signed, 1 new striker, 2 new midfielders, with the promise of more to come!

It would be great to think that there has been a plan all along, that the "Big Picture" shows that we have got a team that could challenge for promotion, the crowds will come back, the Ricoh will be full every week and the good times are just around the corner?

We can only hope that this is the case, because with a couple more additions, we should be better prepared this season to have a real go at it, with the possibility of a good run being the catalyst for the future we have all dreamed of!

MAY I start by saying I wish Gael Bigirimana all the best on his move to Newcastle United.
When a club that size come knocking on an Eighteen Year old's door it's no wonder he was swayed in signing for them.

And it's been reported that the fee is half a million rising to a Million which I guess relates to games played in the future.

Everyone here at Coventry are fond of Bigi the lad from Burundi who sparkled not just on the pitch but off it too with his easy going and likeable character and who wouldn't wish him well ?

It is hard be a Coventry City fan these days.

With the exit of players, spin of the management team and very few transfers, 3 in to replace the 5 who have left. Add to that our player of the season being given an ultimatum, sign or else after weeks of the club touting him around for sale. It is very demoralising.

Season tickets appear to be half that of last season so the likely attendance will also be down reducing the revenue into the club.

The message boards and websites are full of negative comments about players leaving and a lack of communications from the club....again.

Even today we have Tim Fisher advising the club has a plan for the future which involves improving the academy. Strangely no mention of actually paying the rent or negotiating with the council about a future rent reduction, the word priorities springs to mind.

Fisher described as exciting signing the recent trio of signings......not what I would call exciting, although the fact we have actually signed some players is a small positive.

With the season fast approaching, it is imperative that some much needed quality is added to the squad with holes to fill all over the team. Yes we have the academy kids but you can't expect them to fill all the holes in the first team squad.

As for the next couple of weeks, I don't expect much except Keogh to be sold and maybe one or two loans.

The spectre of administration still looms large on the horizon like an iceberg and Tim Fisher seems to be getting more and more like the captain of the Titanic.


Coventry City chief Tim Fisher says club does have a plan for future

Coventry City FC chief executive Tim Fisher has insisted the club does have a plan in place to raise revenues at the Ricoh Arena.

Time running out for Coventry City over Ricoh Arena rent deal

COVENTRY council leaders have warned Coventry City that time is running out for the football club in a dispute over missed rent payments for the Ricoh stadium.

* For more Coventry City news and gossip click here.


Reasons to be Cheerful?

By G T on Jul 5, 12 12:04 PM in Fans

SO, that's two outfield players signed so far, with the promise of more to come. Yes players have moved on, with most of them out of contract anyway. Cranie has been a good servant to the club and will be missed, but Sammy Clingan? He flattered to deceive at times and I don't think his heart was always in it. Which leaves Richard Keogh and, let's be honest, Keogh is probably too good for Division One football. He has been our best player for the past two seasons, so no-one should really demean his need for Championship Football.

The fact is, that we have signed a Striker and an Attacking midfielder, both who arrive with a pretty decent pedigree, and both should offer something in our push for an immediate return to the Championship. We have plenty of young talent within the squad, who should thrive in this league, add the two new additions plus the need for an experienced head, and we look to have a decent attacking threat for the coming campaign.

It is at the back that we are now short of cover, and, in particular Central Defence. Wood and Cameron should find they can cope, but apart from them two, there isn't much backup, certainly if Keogh does move on. I would like to see another Centre half, plus a speedy winger added to the squad, someone who has pace to burn and can take people on, a player who excites the fans and can run at defenders.

I wander what Michael Mifsud is up to these days? Silly Boy

THE European Championship was a good tournament and I really enjoyed watching all the games even though England once again failed miserably in the penalty shoot out with Italy.

But you have to say they got to the quarter Finals and seeing Roy Hodgson has only been in charge a short while that was no mean feat. But all that Football has whetted my appetite now for our own season to begin and even though I've only just gotten over the City's drop down to League One,I am looking forward to the new campaign.

I never thought I'd be saying that but that's football for you it is an addiction and in your blood and once your hooked that's it I'm afraid your in it for life.


Coventry City New Signings!

By G T on Jul 2, 12 07:13 PM in Fans

WELL, I suppose it at least shows some intent?

I actually think Kevin Kilbane would be a good signing for the Sky Blues; we lacked experience last season, and bloodied too many youngsters at once, paying the ultimate penalty at the end of the season. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting it is the younger players fault, but there were many games last season, when a cool head may have made a difference.

Lee Carsley had an positive impact in his first season with us, so let's hope Kilbane can do the same, he has shed-loads of experience and has played in this league before, so knows what to expect from it too. As for his injury worries, I doubt if Thorn has offered him £10,000 a week, so we will have to wait and see, he can't be any worse than the last guy who came to us with the KK?

As for Stephen Elliot, he may also be a decent signing, he has played at a good level and is still only 28, but his recent record of 3 goals in 34 appearances will hardly have defences quaking in their boots when they visit the Steve Biko will it?

What these signing's, plus the possible arrival of John Fleck, do show, is that there is a budget to bring players into the club. And, and it's a big "AND", if we can keep the nucleus of players from last season, we could have a decent start to the new campaign. If we have a decent start, we will keep the crowds and they may even grow. Meaning that if we get a head of steam, then who knows where we may end up?

It just seems a bit odd that the owners didn't think to allow Thorn to sign players last season, when the rewards and income stream would have been much greater than they will be in League 1. But at least it shows some intent!

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