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AT last the transfer embargo has been lifted and Andy Thorn has gone all excited and frothing at the mouth at all the money he can now go out and spend.

But hang on a minute isn't our club in a financial mess ? With talk of liquidation ?
And where's the money coming from as one minute we haven't got a penny to our name and the next it says in the paper Andy has been given a budget to use.

You just don't know who to believe anymore in fact we'd get more truth from a politician as stories change on a daily basis.


"Give us a Break"

By G T on Jun 22, 12 10:28 AM in Fans

SO the accounts have been filed, the Transfer embargo has been lifted, the players have been targeted and the budgets have been set out: Let the Transfers Begin?

You may be starting to ask yourself, why are the targets not being paraded around the Ricoh Arena?

It may be because the owners have not paid any rent for a couple of months, so the council have prevented them from using the ground to parade their new recruits.


It could be that the promise of new acquisitions was just a smoke-screen, to take people's attention away from the outgoing players, who look to be leaving the club in the not too distant future.

If you look at the facts: 1 outfield player signed in almost 2 seasons and an income surplus of over 1,500,000 on transfers when you throw in Jukebox and Ben Turner, we shouldn't be surprised by the lack of movement in the playing squad, certainly not incoming players anyway.

So, who are these mysterious targets?

Who did they play for last season?

What positions are we looking to strengthen?

What is our transfer budget?

It's starting to sound a bit like an episode of the X Files now!

Or should that be: "Call My Bluff", or even "Would I Lie to You"

How about we start with an episode of "Give us a Break"



Sky Blue Kev is back

By Skybluekev on Jun 21, 12 01:30 PM in

AFTER a six month blog free hibernation I have finally woken up to realise my nightmare is true. We really are in what any long standing football fan knows as the Third Division

When the fixtures tell you you begin away to Yoevil it really does come home. But trying to get over this desperate shock you at least like to hope for the future. But sadly little that's happening at the club inspires me to hope for better days

As a result I'm still to sign on for another season ticket. Frankly after possibly the direst season in City's history Im amazed that five thousand tickets have been sold


Olly Norwood tops Coventry City's wish-list, admits Andy Thorn

ANDY THORN has admitted that signing Olly Norwood is top of his Coventry City summer wish-list.

Andy Thorn eyes swift signing to start Coventry City summer spending

ANDY Thorn is looking to act fast to land his first summer signing after Coventry City's uncertain future has started to look a bit brighter.

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Coventry City fans debate plan to buy stake in Sky Blues

SUPPORTERS are split over plans by a new Coventry City fans group to buy a stake in the club, or even own it outright.

Swindon signing James Collins 'was keen on Coventry City switch'

COVENTRY City missed out on another of their prime targets on Monday as the club's transfer embargo sabotaged manager Andy Thorn's rebuilding plans for the second time in the space of a few days.

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I DOUBT THERE was anything mutual about Steve Harrison's exit. The timing of it also suggests the motivations are financial rather than footballing.

This is backed up by Tim Fisher's comments, reminding us what he said at the end of last season: "We will have to look at all aspects of the club."

In other words, we need to save every penny we can.

It has been very quiet at the Ricoh since the end of the season with only a handful of actual stories. The vast majority of column inches have been devoted to rumours and recycled stories.

Since the end of the season the only real confirmed news that emerged are that Clingan, Platt and Harrison have left, Cranie is still having talks, SISU are having talks about part ownership of the stadium and the transfer embargo remains in place.

Not much to fill over eight weeks of back pages and website space.

We have seen rumours of players leaving/arriving despite the fact they can't. Add to that rumours of new investors, administration, off shore companies, player budgets plus a number of recycled stories and non-stories.

You have to feel a bit sorry for the sports writers at the Coventry Telegraph.

Today's headlines are a good example where but for the publishing of the fixture list, we are left with a story about how the players believe they should be promoted.

This is firstly patronising to the fans, as this should go without saying, players should go out with the attitude of trying to win every game and be aiming for promotion.

Secondly as the players are still on holiday for a few weeks yet, how can AT state this unless he has phoned every one of them and got their response, which is not the case stated in the article.

As I said rumours abound but facts are as thin on the ground as Carl Baker Goals!


Coventry City miss out on Bradford City transfer target

ANDY Thorn has missed out on one of his summer targets after the player opted to sign for League One rivals Doncaster Rovers.

Andy Thorn relishing Capital One League Cup draw against Dagenham & Redbridge

COVENTRY City will kick-off the new season with an away trip to Dagenham and Redbridge in the newly-named Capital One League Cup.

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Andy Thorn needs Richard Wood fit for fight to get out of League One

ANDY Thorn is hoping defender Richard Wood can put his injury problems behind him and join Coventry City's fight to get out of League One.

Coventry City to play Dagenham & Redbridge in first round of Football League Capital One Cup

Coventry City FC will play Dagenham & Redbridge FC in the first round of the Football League Capital One Cup.

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Coventry City to return early to pre-season to prepare for League One

COVENTRY City are reporting back for pre-season training a week earlier than their rivals in a bid to prepare for the rigours of League One football.

Sisu football advisor Paul Barber joins Brighton

PAUL Barber, the man drafted in by Sisu to advise them on their running of Coventry City, has joined Championship club Brighton.

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