Game of the Century?

By G T on May 1, 12 03:50 PM in Fans

WITH Coventry City's fate sealed and, seemingly, the only topic of conversation for Sky Blues fans: Administration or not? It was with relief that I settled down to watch the "Game of the Century" last night. With the 2 halves of Manchester (well most of Manchester v The Rest of the world reds) take each other on, with the Premiership Title at stake.

It was notable for many reasons, not least of which was the conservatism shown by Fergie in is team selection, with his 5 man midfield, attempting to prevent the guile and undoubted skill of the home team. It was an unmitigated disaster from start to finish. The "Old Guard" of Scholes and Giggs may be too much for the likes of WBA and Fulham, but they were certainly no match for the "New Guard" of Silva, Toure, Nasri and Barry, with Toure providing a lesson in midfield play and shunting Paul Scholes and Carrick into the buffers. I doubt there will be too many shouting about a Scholes for England return after this showing.

It has levelled the playing field a little too, with all the talk from Fergie, at the start of the season, about overtaking Barcelona and becoming the best team in Europe, they look nowhere near being the best team in England at the moment, and if they do go on to win the Premier League this year, which they still might, it will say a lot more about City's failings than United's strength.

Rooney was reduced to trying to get Vincent (man of the match) Kompany sent off, and spent more time complaining to the referee than concentrating on his game and getting an equaliser. The sight of the "red nosed one" jumping up and down on the touchline says more about his inability as a sporting loser and undoubted lack of fair play, than a result of any really bad tackles that were evident. He picked the wrong team, pure and simple, and rather than admit a mistake, he chose to lambast the officials and opposition manager, in an attempt to deflect the blame!

There have been numerous times this season, when UTD have had their fair share of refereeing decisions, but rather than move on, they continue to harass and harangue the officials at every turn, in an effort to gain an advantage. It is sad to see, and it is hoped that they get exactly what these actions deserve: which is nothing at all, come the end of the season............................

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