Coventry City go down as the Saints go marching on

By Kevin Halls on Apr 30, 12 10:40 AM in Fans

THE Sky Blue Army did themselves and the club proud in the final game of our rotten and miserable campaign at Southampton on Saturday.

They went there determined to enjoy the day which deserves a medal for gallantry and courage in itself as deep down all us City fans are hurting but are hiding it as best as we can.

Last season we gate crashed Norwich's party celebrations and here we are again turning up at Southampton's place and looking on at their fans running on the pitch in mass excitement while we stare on thinking I wonder what that feels like ?

So it's now back to reality and now we have to accept where we are as a football club and can we be like Norwich and Southampton and go down to climb back up again ?

We have fantastic hardcore supporters who have given Andy Thorn brilliant backing throughout this season when they could have done a "Blackburn" and given him some real stick.

But no the fans have done their moaning away from the ground and decided to give the team encouragement and that's why the manager has said many times that he is grateful for our great support.

The next few months will no doubt see players leaving but that is inevitable because of where we will be playing our football next season but whoever goes let's hope they get replaced buy some quality and not by players who should be playing for pub teams.

But we are Coventry City Football Club and we are the best at letting talent go without replacing like for like aren't we ? And that's why we have been relegated.

This summer we have the Olympics and the European Championship to look forward too but my mind and thoughts will be on my football club and all things Sky Blue because those big tournaments will come and go but Coventry City won't for me.

So unless we go bust and are no longer a football club without even a home ground we just have to keep on believing that we will get back very soon and hopefully the sooner the better.

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