Coventry Director of Football?

By G T on Dec 11, 11 12:23 PM in Fans

WHAT on earth was Ken Deluded doing sitting alongside Andy Thorn for the Hull City match?

The man has no football knowledge and certainly never played or managed at any level, as far as I am aware, so what does he think he can bring to the party? Whatever your personal thoughts of the job Thorn is doing, there can be no good to come from the Ex - Chairman sitting beside him whilst he is trying to keep an eye on things on the field.

Is there no end to this man's interference in our club? He obviously see's himself as something of a footballing messiah, but if he really wants to help the manager, give him the funds to enable us to compete with the rest of the Championship!

There is a certain amount of inevitability when heading to the Ricoh these days, I don't expect us to win most games, and from what I saw yesterday, the players are beginning to get the same feeling. There is no "heart" in the team and too many players are either not good enough, or not playing anywhere near the top of their powers, which is an awful condition with only two wins to our name so far this season.

On the subject of our two wins: it is ironic but true, that the only two victories we have notched up so far season, have come about in the games in which Joe Murphy went off injured....................................

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