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Andy Thorn to wheel and deal to land new striker

ANDY THORN says he'll be getting a helping hand from Coventry City's board as he looks to bring in a new goalscorer in the January transfer window to boost the Sky Blues' survival bid.

Fiery Gary Deegan desperate to make up for lost time

GARY Deegan arrived at Coventry City in 2009 with the reputation of being an aggressive midfield battler with a nickname to match.

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I still haven't got over the sheer sense of joy over our win on Boxing Day. But I agree with Andy Thorn , James McPake and Kevin Halls .It means nothing unless we follow it up by beating Brighton on Saturday

To make up the points gap at the bottom of the table we have to win games and its to be hoped the Bristol win gives the players the confidence to express themselves and begin to pick up some points.

With Bristol facing league leaders Southampton on Friday potentially we could close the gap further if we can deliver a result on Saturday.

I agree with Kevin Halls though that again we failed to produce a consistent ninety minute performance. Not for the first time Andy Thorn changed things around at half time

GREAT to get the much needed win over Bristol City on Boxing Day and it felt good to leave the Ricoh on a high instead of the usual low we have had for most of the season.

Although the three points was most welcome seeing the position we are in it won't count for nothing unless we carry on now and keep the habit going starting with the must win game on New Years Eve against Brighton.

The Seagulls got off to a flying start pardon the pun but they aren't doing so well lately so if the Sky Blues can take their second half performance against Bristol and extend it to a full ninety odd minutes they can beat Brighton I feel and continue their fight for survival.


James McPake: I'm stuck in limbo at Coventry City

JAMES McPake is battling to overcome what has become a bit of a catch-22 situation for him at Coventry City.

Alan Poole: Coventry City CAN do the Great Escape

A word of warning - all the following statistics are correct but, as Eric Morecambe might have confessed to Mr Spock in the Stardate 2011.12 Christmas special, the analytical inferences are not necessarily in a logical order.

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Richard Keogh is the complete defender, says Gary McSheffrey

GARY McSheffrey has hailed Richard Keogh's inspirational leadership in Coventry City's battle for survival.

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The Future for Coventry City?

By G T on Dec 24, 11 03:01 PM in Fans

BELOW is a message from the Chairman of the Sky Blues International (SBI), which sume up everyone's hopes and fears for the future, please add your comments at the bottom, and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all....................

Hi everyone,

I'm sure (I'm sure I hope and trust I'm sure!) that 2011 was a good year for you in lots of ways; just not desperately rewarding to be a soccer fan supporting Coventry City. If you have held your head high for the last twelve months then good on you. The next year CANNOT be as bad . . . or can it?

The way that Directors - whether they are of the club or the holding company - are quietly getting up from their seats and shuffling through the exit without an apology, farewell or backward glance is disconcerting. The way executives have come and gone like tumbleweeds blowing through a frontier town in the wild west of America, making just as big an impact on the life of the club as the sun going behind or emerging from a cloud, is bewildering. The antics of Ken Dulieu (Doolally to his friends I understand) and the way he behaved during his exit - which I predicted - reduced the club to a laughing stock.

So what next? Worst scenario: SISU have decided to get out, but they plan to raid the safe before they set sail into the sunset. We see a fire sale in January - certainly Lukas Jutkiewicz (66 shots, 8 goals) will go to Southampton (or West Ham) for maybe a couple of million (or less). Sammy Clingan will go because he has not signed a new contract (would you?) maybe for a few hundred thousand pounds. Martin Crainie too - and he is one of our best - for the same reason. And then there will be some young players who may be poached: Cyrus Christie, Conor Thomas, Nathan Cameron, Chris Hussey and Gael Bigirimana are all candidates, but don't forget Jordan Clarke as well.

We could end up with Fat Freddie (as he is affectionately know in the club I believe) huffing and puffing his way out of his contract with one bad leg strapped to the other.

And then, Sisu walk. CCFC is not able to sustain trading, and goes into administration. 15 points are deducted. No players left, so we don't get any more points. Has any club so far been relegated with a minus points total?

Alternative (not best) scenario: we keep the players, we even get a couple more, and luck turns (although blaming the ref or the post is wearing a bit thin) and in a miraculous turnaround we win every other game and stay up. I hope you have all written notes to this effect to Santa.

Actually, we have some good young players and prospects in a favourable light look good. I am also impressed that the core team at the club - the administrators who plough the fields and dig the holes are a good bunch, dedicated to running a good club irrespective of who owns it and which senior bosses come in for a few days before getting sacked or walking out.

Bristol, Brighton and West Ham. 7 points at least!

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes,

David Meredith, Secretary SBI


Andy Thorn 'buzzing' after talks with new man at Coventry City helm

ANDY Thorn is facing the second half of the season with fresh enthusiasm after in-depth talks with the new man at the Coventry City helm.

David Bell: We need home double or we'll be in real trouble

HAVING spent the past two months sitting on the bench wondering what's gone wrong for Coventry City, David Bell is hoping he can spend the next three helping to transform their disastrous season.

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Chris Hussey pleads with Coventry City board to stand by Andy Thorn

COVENTRY City defender Chris Hussey has pleaded with the Sky Blues board to stand by manager Andy Thorn.

Alan Poole's Coventry City Christmas video verdict

VETERAN sports hack Alan Poole gets into the Christmas spirit and talks about Ken Dulieu's resignation, Gary Gardner's departure and the forthcoming festive games.

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WHILE most Coventry fans would have a wry small at the departure of the ludicrous figure of Ken Dulieu I suspect like me what their looking for from the festive season is a win against Bristol City on Boxing Day

Being the team just above the relegation zone if we are ever to start the great comeback we simply must win that game. Whilst Kevin Halls is right we have got used to seeing Coventry City lose it's still possible that one win could lead to more

Yet looking at the team playing with such a desperate lack of confidence at times it's hard to see it happening. Andy Thorn rather like Dickens Mr Micawber bemoans his bad luck and "waits for something to turn up".

No team are eternally unlucky. If chances are missed its basically because of a lack of confidence. There are questions about the diamond formation. It's worth asking why the club can't be a home for Freddy Eastwood. And if two keepers were bought for competition why can't Dunn be given a chance

But the real question is why are these players who should be capable of so much more propping up the table.

Many fans look at the usual points safety margin and so we are gone already. That may or may not be so. In reality we need to achieve more points than the third bottom team
and that's it

But as Stuart Linnell says every week something has to change to make things happen.
Most teams get a surge in this situation from a change of manager. We can't afford to make a change it would seem.

But having Lee Carsley at the club who was so inspiring to his team mates on the field last season is a temptation. Big decisions may have to be made in this area


Aston Villa recall Gary Gardner from Coventry City loan spell

COVENTRY City's battle for survival received a fresh body-blow last night when Gary Gardner returned to Aston Villa.

Goodbye Ken Dulieu: Here's your Coventry City best bits

KEN DULIEU enjoyed a somewhat brief - but very colourful - stint as Coventry City supremo before the club confirmed his departure today.

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