Coventry City's manager doesn't sound happy at all

By Kevin Halls on Oct 4, 11 06:53 PM in Fans

THE season is well underway now and all Coventry City have is a measly one win from ten games so it comes as no surprise to hear murmerings of a long hard campaign ahead from the fans and media alike.

But other clubs are struggling too Bristol City have sacked their manager and Forests boss has gone also so it does lift the spirits a little to know we're not the only club in crisis.

Although as a Coventry City fan all I care about is my club and as hard as it may sound let's hope the two mentioned clubs suffer a crisis for a lot longer than we do.

Listening to Andy Thorn speaking after the Barnsley game on the radio he wasn't his bubbly self in fact it didn't sound like Andy at all because he's usually very sanguine but this time he wasn't in fact he sounded depressed as if reality had smacked him hard in the face.

That doesn't shock me though because we've listened to manager speak here at Coventry for years they come across optimistic when really underneath they don't believe it themselves,but us hard bitten fans are too long in the tooth to get taken in by it all.

But that's there job to lift morale and keep a stiff upper lip even when really it's wobbling like a wobbly jelly.

But I do feel sorry for Andy Thorn because he wants and needs a few fresh faces in the squad and I honestly feel if the ones coming in are decent then we will be okay..

As yet it doesn't look like happening in fact as soon as any mention of loan signings pops up in the conversation it's met by stony silence.

I've just read in the paper that we are the only club who haven't any loan players which is shocking to say the least especially when we are crying out for at least a couple.

Forest will more than likely have a new manager by the time we play them in a couple of weeks which always lifts the club as players want to impress their new boss so we have to be ready for that at the Ricoh.

But lets worry about our own club and hopefully by the time that game comes around we have strengthened the squad but if not Andy Thorn has gone back to being chirpy and confident because if he's miserable and gloomy that will be passed on to us fans,but then again the majority already are.

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