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Andy Thorn refusing to give up hope on Aron Gunnarsson

ANDY THORN says he hasn't given up hope that Aron Gunnarsson will be a Coventry City player next season.

Banter: A battle for the heart and soul of Coventry City

LIKE me, I'm sure lots of Coventry City fans were excited to hear that Gary Hoffman is now in a position to make a bid for the club.

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LIKE me I'm sure lots of Coventry City fans were excited to hear that Gary Hoffman is now in a position to make a bid for the club

Clearly lots of hard negotiation lie ahead but I for one hope for a good conclusion. With the exchanges in yesterdays Telegraph it's clear they will be stormy

Gary Hoffman described Joe Elliott's suspension as "ridiculous". It's hard to disagree having moved him to the ceremonial role of Life President it's hard to see how he can not perform the duties of such a role. As Daniel Gidney says Joe's role at the club has never been anything but beneficial

Coventry City fans will welcome him at the unveiling of Jimmy Hill's statue


'SISU have turned Coventry City into a disaster', says Geoffrey Robinson

GEOFFREY Robinson has blasted Coventry City as a "total disaster" and urged owners Sisu to get out now.

Coventry City set to sign Chris Dunn today

NORTHAMPTON Town goalkeeper Chris Dunn is set to sign for Coventry City on Wednesday.

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TODAY's events at Ricoh are interesting to say the least. Again you have to read what is not said to understand what is really going on.

Gary Hoffman has verbally submitted a proposal which was rejected and a further proposal to the board for consideration. This is not a formal offer.

The Chairman is quite right to state that it has not received a formal bid in writing for the club. No denial or mention of the verbal proposal though and he has stated he is expecting a formal bid.

Interesting that a few weeks ago the club was not for sale according to the same Chairman, so you would expect him to tell Gary Hoffman the same rather than encouraging him!

Joe Elliot has been temporarily suspended from the club. I assume as President he is allowed to attend the board meetings where this proposal and any potential offers would be discussed. He is also linked to Gary Hoffman and therefore there is a potential conflict of interests.

Suspending him temporarily should be seen as a positive move for the fans. Why suspend him if the proposal from Gary Hoffman was not of interest to the Club and SISU?

SISU already have a credibility issues with supporters so suspending Joe they know would will only aggravate and alienate the fans still further.

Joe is an honourable man but SISU would view his links to the bidders as a risk to them getting their best return on their investment. Consequently they have taken the only action they can and have temporarily suspended him from the club.

If you read what Joe Elliot says, then he understands why this was done and why there is no time limit on the suspension. This is because it can only be lifted when either the Club is sold or if the informal proposal and any forth coming offers are rejected and the bidders have moved on.

So yes it is not a nice thing for Joe but as he says he has only the best interests of the club at heart. If his temporary suspension ends with the financial security of the club being achieved then I am sure he will be a happy man!


Nathan Cameron "sees sense" and signs Coventry City deal

NATHAN CAMERON has finally signed a new contract with Coventry City - after admitting he'd seen sense.

Gary Hoffman makes official bid to buy Coventry City

FORMER vice-chairman and life-long Sky Blues fan Gary Hoffman has tabled an official bid to take over Coventry City.

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Andy Thorn expecting big things from Jordan Clarke

BOOSTED by a new three-year deal, Coventry City boss Andy Thorn is expecting big things from Jordan Clarke over the next few seasons.

Coventry City kids get chance to shine in pre-season

ANDY Thorn's priority may be to strengthen his Coventry City squad with proven ability in the wake of the departures of Marlon King and Keiren Westwood but he's happy that his youngsters are taking shape ahead of pre-season.

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Coventry City will land cash windfall from Scott Dann transfer

COVENTRY City will receive a welcome cash boost if Scott Dann makes a big-money move away from St Andrew's this summer.

Key duo quit Coventry City management

COVENTRY City have been hit by the resignation of two senior members of the club's finance and commercial departments.

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£5m Prozone sale saved Coventry City from administration

COVENTRY City's parent company Sky Blue Sports and Leisure are understood to have pocketed up to £5 million from the sale of the performance analysis firm Prozone.

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Goodbye Keiren Westwood

By Skybluekev on Jun 22, 11 11:50 AM in Fans

TO no Coventry City fan's surprise Keiren Westwood has finally left the club

When he joined I for one thought "Keiren who". It's a tribute to the judgement of the current manager that he leaves an International player and in many peoples eyes the best goalkeeper in the Championship

There will be those who claim he was over rated. I'm not among them. He showed exceptional ability as a shot stopper and certainly commanded his area. Most of all he had the ability to provide confidence to the defenders around him. He also could intimidate forwards so rarely lost out in one on ones


Keiren Westwood leaves Coventry City - and signs for Sunderland

KEIREN Westwood has finally severed ties with Coventry City after signing for Premier League Sunderland.

Sammy Clingan named as Coventry City's new captain

SAMMY Clingan has been named as Coventry City captain for the 2011/12 season.

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