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Marlon King "really pleased" with Coventry City contract offer

NEW Coventry City boss Andy Thorn says Marlon King looked "really pleased" when offered a new contract by the Sky Blues.

Coventry City transfer embargo will soon be lifted, pledges chief executive

COVENTRY City chief executive Paul Clouting is confident the club's transfer embargo will be lifted shortly to enable new boss Andy Thorn to get on with his summer recruitment drive.

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West End Boy

Good News at the Ricoh!

By West End Boy on Apr 28, 11 08:53 PM in Fans

With Andy Thorn confirmed as manager and contract offers made to Gunnar, Westwood and King. It has been a good day for City fans.

Thorn deserves a chance. Let's face it, the team are winning games and performing well. He is liked by the fans and more importantly the players who have come out publically to support him. Oh yes and in the current financial situation is probably cheaper than appointing another manager from another club where compensation is involved.

Yes his appointment seems like a no brainer but that's not always the case, remember Eric Black?

With regards to the contract offers it is another positive step.

We don't know the details of the offers but this time last week there was nothing on the table now there is. Hand delivered by the new manager!

With the players backing the manager and the manger having been involved with signing most of them it has to be tempting to them. All three players have seen their reputations and careers prosper at the Sky Blues.

Whether the contracts are what they or their agents believe or think they are worth is another matter. It may also be too late in the day, only time will tell.

But it is good news at the City for once which is a welcome change!

SO Andy Thorn has finally landed the job the players and most of the fans wanted,he has certainly lifted the spirits on the pitch and in the stands and he deserves it .

Let's hope the likes of Westwood, King, and any other player who may be looking at moving on to have a change of mind and stay at the club and get behind Thorn and Harrison.

The attacking football has been great to sit and watch but we all can see there's still areas that need working on,but they are wise enough and intelligent enough to do something about it in readiness for the next campaign.


Andy Thorn's getting the best out of me, says David Bell

DAVID Bell believes he is producing the best football he has played at Coventry City.

Marlon King yet to receive contract offer from Coventry City, says agent

STAR striker Marlon King is still hoping to be offered a new Coventry City deal - but his agent is already looking at other options as his contract has just nine weeks to run.

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THE Telegraph report's today that Coventry City are keeping Andy Thorn waiting on whether he'll secure the full time manager's job

Well even though he met the Chairman,as he'd previously made clear the club had a five man shortlist of course nothing new on the management would come from the meeting

But the campaign to secure Andy the job seems relentless. Every day a new player declares his preference. It would be quicker if they all gave a joint statement

Tony Mowbray it seems is also in the Andy Thorn fan club


Coventry City keeps Andy Thorn waiting over manager job

ANDY Thorn is still waiting to hear if he is to become Coventry City's next full-time manager.

Stephen O'Halloran back in the frame for Coventry City

MONDAY'S motorway trek from Middlesbrough was a bitter-sweet affair for Coventry City's players, the pain of an injury-time defeat soothed by a glowing testimonial from home manager Tony Mowbray.

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Andy Thorn: I'd have been disappointed with a draw - let alone a defeat

COVENTRY CITY caretaker-boss Andy Thorn left the Riverside disappointed, claiming that he would have been gutted to leave with a point let alone his side's 2-1 reverse to Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough 2 Coventry City 1 - Andy Turner's verdict

ANDY Thorn is due to see Coventry City chairman Ken Dulieu today when he is expected to find out if he's got the full-time manager's job.

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IVE heard lots of suggestions that Andy Thorn reminds people of ex Coventry City managers but he's beginning to remind me of Chris Coleman

We know the players really like him for one thing.Chris also was very popular. He was also a little short on motivational strategy.

Chris would convince the players that whoever the opposition might be it was "our hardest game". Andy began by saying he wasn't interested in the opposition before the Burnley game "only what we can do".

Before the home game against third from bottom Scunthorpe it was our hardest challenge yet.

Chris Coleman's side rarely managed a performance through an entire ninety minutes. In the last two home games City have started well and the performance level got worse as the game went on

The Coleman side regularly conceded last minute goals. At Preston and now Middlesbrough the current side is doing similar

Chris Coleman gave Michael Mcindoe a lot of chances to prove he could play at this level
and few would argue he showed himself to be capable

Andy Thorn also seems to have faith in him however.

Thankfully however Andy Thorn isn't as defensive as Coleman was away from home.

His philosophy of attacking football is all well and good. The goal against Scunthorpe was a bit of route one. I hope that's an indicator of a more mixed approach in future.

One sequence of nineteen passes which led to Sammy Clingan giving the ball away wouldn't have intimidated the Scunthorpe defence

To date Andy Thorn hasn't whinged about referee decisions the way Coleman used too.

So maybe the comparison isn't that exact

But I do believe that a look at Andy Thorn's record at the end of the season will show he's worth a place on the clubs five man shortlist.

However I'm still not sure he's certainly the man to take the club forward


New Kit?

By G T on Apr 22, 11 10:01 AM in Fans

From what I understand, the new kit for next season is a real throw - back to a bygone era.

We have all seen the "NEW" badge for next season, but the kit itself is reportedly from a style when tackles, shoulder barges and pass back's to the keeper were still allowed, along with standing area's in stadium's and players were smaller than the club...................

If the evidence is true, then I think it will be a real winner with the fans, who can all remember round necked tops as the norm, it conjures an image in my mind of George Curtis at his best.

I had an email from S.B.I. this morning and one of the guys there has seen it, and as well as being a blast from the past, it is also very well priced, so wouldn't it be nice to see kids in a Coventry City shirt on the streets of Coventry instead of Man Utd?

Lets hope the great form continues, for the next four games at least and that the release of a "old era" kit, brings forth a "new era mentality" from the boardroom................


Championship rivals eye Andy Thorn swoop

TWO of Coventry City's Championship rivals are waiting to swoop for Sky Blues caretaker boss Andy Thorn.

Keiren Westwood will give all to Coventry City till the last kick

AS COVENTRY City enter the last four games of another season to forget, most supporters are resigned to the fact that Keiren Westwood - the club's star goalkeeper for the last three years - is seeking a fresh start.

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