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By Kevin Halls on Jul 15, 10 11:06 AM in Fans

THROUGHOUT the World Cup the Telegraph had an online contest of their own going on, in which thirty two Sky Blue players battled against each other in a knockout competition to seew who is the greatest Sky Blue legend.

And the player who got most votes was Ronnie Farmer beating Bill Glazier into first place.
As I'm in my fifties I am old enough to have seen a lot of the players in the hall of fame, and Ronnie Farmer was a very good midfielder although he would have been called a wing half then.

He played for the City in all four divisions only three other players managed that feat George Curtis, Mick Kearns, and Brian Hill.

And he could really take a penalty only ever missing one,maybe England should get in touch with Ronnie get him to show them how to do it ?

So for all what he achieved with Coventry City you could say he was a worthwhile winner, but he himself said he was surprised to win.

He well deserves to be in the Hall of fame but personally I wouldn't have put him in first place, George curtis would get my vote for that.

But he got most votes so therefore he is a worthy winner as they say, " It's votes that count. "

My favourite ever Sky Blues player is George Hudson, but the title of the contest was the Greatest Sky Blue Legend which is different.

I like these kind of things debating on who is best etc, it's interesting to see the different opinions from the fans.

But at the end of the day it's down to personal choice and not everyone will agree

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