Aidy Boothroyd has been doing his homework

By West End Boy on Jul 6, 10 08:59 PM in Fans

It was interesting to see that among Aidy Boothroyd's first signings is two fullbacks both who like to get forward and have pace. As we saw last season this is an area where we struggled all season as Wright, Osborne, Hall, Hussey and Cranie all struggled for one reason or another.

Whether Keogh and O'Halloran will be the answer remains to be seen but their CV's look promising.

It will be interesting to see where Martin Cranie will fit into the defence. He looks comfortable and has a preference for a central defensive berth. However he will be up against McPake and Wood who have emerged as our first choice central defenders.

Also on the action list is some wingers to compete with Bell and McIndoe. I noted that McSheffrey was not mentioned as competition for a wide berth. This is strange bearing in mind that was where he had his most successful spells playing at both Coventry and Birmingham. No mention of Carl Baker either.

Upfront he has signed O'Donovan and is looking to strengthen the forward line with players who have pace and strength something we lacked once Leon Best was sold.

He is also looking to improve fitness levels and the mental toughness of the players.
The likes of Deegan, Baker and Hussey would certainly benefit from this bearing in mind they joined from lower league clubs. Again something the fans would agree with, last seasons squad on paper should have achieved more than they did.

So all in all he seems to be making progress re-shaping the squad and saying the things to the media. Let's hope he can deliver once the season gets under way.

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