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The Boothroyd Effect

By Skybluekev on May 28, 10 04:28 PM in Fans

IN a very short time Aidy Boothroyd appears to be turning around fans views on his appointment.

The increase in season ticket sales is an indication of that and it's a reflection of the changing tone of some of the fan comment we're seeing

Aidy knows he has to inject positivity into the very negative world of Coventry City and he's made a very good start

I loved the positive tone of his comments about his 75 point average in his years in the Championship. The fans will appreciate that and hopefully the players will give him respect for it


Aidy Boothroyd planning Ricoh Arena fortress mentality

AIDY Boothroyd was bowled over by his first sight of the Ricoh Arena - but he aims to make it a place where Championship sides will fear to tread.

Banter: Coventry City going for results over style?

THERE appeared to be much consternation amongst some City fans about the appointment of Aidy Boothroyd.

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ISN'T IT DEPRESSING to know that we are the second longest serving club in the Championship? Of all the current teams in our division, only Preston have been there longer.

That means that no longer are we a relegated Premier League club. We are a Championship club. Moreover, our status as number two endurers of this sad fact softly implies that not only should we accept this, but that we should be thankful that our lot is not any worse.

As Paul Ross, The Killers, or jacket potatoes will tell you, accepting mediocrity is not that easy. So, thankfully, some clever bloke has made a video to help us all cope...


Aidy Boothroyd asks Coventry City fans for patience

PATIENCE isn't one of Aidy Boothroyd's virtues - but he has asked Coventry City's fans to give him the time he needs to reverse their decade of stagnation.

Coventry City sell 7,000 season tickets - so far

COVENTRY City have sold 7,000 season tickets - around 1,500 down on last year's 'early bird' total but a big improvement on what threatened to be a disastrous figure.

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JOHN SILLETT said recently he wants to see the City play more attacking football and use wingers all the time too.

Our new manager Aidy Boothroyd has been talking in a similar way, he says he wants his new team to be entertaining, so all the talk of him liking the long ball route seems to be at odds to what he's intending to bring to his new football club.

Sillett talking about wingers got me thinking about three great wingers we've had here at Coventry City namely, Willie Humphries, Ronnie Rees, and Tommy Hutchison.


Aidy Boothroyd plans to copy 1987 team template

AIDY Boothroyd aims to go back to the future at Coventry City, using the FA Cup heroes of '87 as a template for his team-building at the Ricoh Arena.

Banter: Why Ray Ranson is one shrewd operator

SO we've now got our new manager at Coventry City and, to be honest, Aidy Boothroyd never entered my head as a candidate for the hot seat.

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THERE appeared to be much consternation amongst some City fans about the appointment of Aidy Boothroyd.

Fans seem to have tagged him a 'long ball' manager based on the direct style of play adopted by both Watford and Colchester.

But in a job where success is based on results, is how they are achieved as important as actually achieving them?


Clinton Morrison: Twitter rumours are fake and I want to stay

CLINTON Morrison is hoping to land a new Coventry City contract next season after being the victim of a Twitter hoaxer.

Aidy Boothroyd happy with Michael Doyle's Leeds United move?

AIDY BOOTHROYD has hinted he'd be happy to allow Michael Doyle to leave for Leeds United on a permanent deal.

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OUR new manager began work today with a lot of challenges to face. His first task is to meet his staff and begin the process of lifting the whole club

It's not clear how much contact he'll have with the playing staff before pre season training but if there's one mobile number he could do with calling it's Keiren Westwood's

One of the lasting images of the dreadful performance against Watford was our keeper kicking in the advertising hoardings in frustration.

He needs to be convinced by the project to sign on for an contract extension. Im sure that's possible

TO BUY or not to buy.That is the question - and it's the question i ask myself every year recently about this time

My family know all too well that I will renew my season ticket but they indulge me through my soul searching.

It seems I just can't help it. The terrible last match against Watford left me angry and hurt but I was looking for a reason to renew. Aidy Boothroyd's arrival has filled me full of hope again

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