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Coventry City FC braced for Sunderland bid for Keiren Westwood

SUNDERLAND AFC are closing in on Coventry City goalkeeper Keiren Westwood.

Patrick van Aanholt sad to say goodbye to Coventry City FC

ALTHOUGH sad to be saying goodbye to his Coventry City team-mates, Patrick van Aanholt is excited about his recall to Chelsea and what he hopes will be his big chance to impress Carlo Ancelotti.

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Richard Wood insists defeat won't dent confidence

STAND-IN skipper Richard Wood insists Coventry City's confidence won't be dented after their three-match winning streak was ended on Monday.

Transfer window make or break for Coventry City FC

WITH the transfer window about to be flung open for business, it looks set to be one of the busiest mid-season shake-ups at Coventry City for some time.

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LOSING at Forest, after winning three on the trot, is a lot better than the run we were on, so we shouldn't be too down in the dumps.

Okay, we only beat the two bottom teams before the Doncaster win, but this is the type of fixture where you can come unstuck, but the City treated them both with respect, and won through.


Nottingham Forest FC 2 Coventry City FC 0

NOTTINGHAM Forest FC boss Billy Davies revealed that he is looking to make three major signings in the January transfer window to add to his already healthy-looking squad as he prepares for a full-on push for the Premier League during the second half of the season.

Patrick van Aanholt plays last game for Coventry City FC

PATRICK van Aanholt played his last game for Coventry City yesterday as the Sky Blues' run of three successive victories was halted by promotion-chasing Nottingham Forest.

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Chris Coleman plays down 'fans' favourite' sale conspiracy theory

FOOTBALL supporters have always been hopelessly addicted to conspiracy theories - ask them to tot up a pair of twos and they wouldn't dream of settling on anything less than five.

Sammy Clingan won't be rushed back from injury, says Chris Coleman

SAMMY CLINGAN is desperate to reboot his Coventry City career - but manager Chris Coleman won't take any risks with the midfielder.

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Another year is coming to an end
The football season is halfway through
And although the City have been average so far
We'll carry on supporting the team in Sky Blue.

Let's hope 2010 will bring us some cheer
And the City can move on up
Start winning some more matches
And have a good run in the Cup.

But if the City were near the top
The Ricoh would be almost full
But the fans want us back in the Premier
Playing Arsenal,Chelsea,Villa, and even Hull.

But until we get back in the top flight
We'll just have to stay loyal to our team
That will mean many highs and lows
And performances that'll make you scream.

So I look forward to a better New Year
And a good one for Coventry City F.C.
Starting with the Third Round of the Cup
And a win against Portsmouths pompey !


Football at Christmas

By Skybluekev on Dec 23, 09 02:56 PM in Fans

CARLO ANCELOTTI and ROBERTO MANCINI are about to have a different kind of Christmas to what they are used to.

The Italian league started a winter break after Sunday's games and don't return until January but things aren't like that in Britain.

Though a winter break's often discussed its hard to see it ever happening. Fixture congestion especially in a World Cup year makes it very difficult to stop playing. And in City's league there are even more games to fit in.

THE old cliché that all we want for Christmas is some points has never been so true.

Let us not get carried away with ourselves, 2 wins back to back against the two weakest teams, using their league positions as a fair reflection of their forms, in the Championship, does not a 'good season' make, but, I am starting to feel that the points drought of the past few months, should be seeing a revival soon.

Those 2 fixtures in the past are the sort that traditionally we always slip up on, so encouraging has to be the word surely!

Given the opposition over Christmas, 2 points wouldn't be a complete failing, 4 would be a great return and despite them both being in the top half of the table, Nottingham Forest in particular hitting a rich vein of form of late, 4 is achievable.

Why ... quite simply, with the exception of Clingan, we are starting to get choices and options back on the field for most positions.

Equally, we can't leave out the fact that Freddie Eastwood has had 4 back to back "Man of the match" awards from the Evening Telegraph and having watched 3 of those games, I would whole heartily agree with that award.


Elliott Ward ready to answer Coventry City's call

FOR much of this season Elliott Ward has been a dead man walking at the Ricoh Arena.

Elliott Ward set to leave in January

CHRIS COLEMAN believes that centre-half Elliott Ward will cut his ties with Coventry City in the January transfer window.

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With Chris Coleman's comment that a 'fans favourite' maybe moving on in the transfer window and Aron Gunnarsson comments that the fans think it means him. It must be a concerning time for the popular midfielder and his fans

Having burst onto the seen last season with some excellent performances in midfield, Gunnarsson has found it difficult to re-capture the form of last year. This can often be the case with younger players as Chris Coleman would readily agree.

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