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Looking for the positives

By Skybluekev on Sep 30, 09 03:17 PM in Fans

SOMETIMES as a football fan it's hard to know what to feel and how to sum up your teams progress. City's last two games are a case in point

Last Saturday's 2-2 draw seemed a good result.Even so an average first half where we conceded two bad goals didnt impress.Yet the character shown to come back from two down promises much more

Last night featured a treasured away win.But both some apalling defending,and heroics from Keiron Westwood were a feature of the game.It also featured another Clingan goal and two more from a revitalised Leon Best.

West End Boy

Short memories

By West End Boy on Sep 30, 09 12:57 PM in Fans

HAVING listened to last Friday's fans forum at the city, I have to say I was disturbed by some of the comments from some city fans in particular Natalie Cox.

Let's look at the facts first which seem to be conveniently overlooked by some.

Fact: Some 18 months ago the club was on the verge of going out of business.

Fact: SISU were the only people with the money and the willing to save the club.


Watford 2 Coventry City 3 - Andy Turner's verdict

COVENTRY CITY comebacks are like London buses - you wait almost two and a half seasons for one and two come along at once.

Coventry City gunning for Leicester City

FREE-SCORING Coventry City set themselves up perfectly for Saturday's derby with Leicester City with a second-half fightback at Watford.

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Richard Barnes

The Sky Blue Army

By Richard Barnes on Sep 30, 09 11:16 AM in Fans

LAST NIGHT I was fortunate to be a guest of Watford's shirt sponsor Evolution HDTV and enjoyed their hospitality very much.

They have a box above the half way line just down from where Elton would watch. He wasn't there. In front are the throngs of the Watford faithful who were also friendly and welcoming despite my disposition.


I'm a loud City fan and jumping up and celebrating when all the Watford fans look my way with (footie) distain. I promptly sat down and apologised for my outburst but not meaning a word of it, our boys had just scored.

Normally I'm with the Sky Blue Army. Watching from my vantage point last evening gave me a perspective I've never been able to witness before. Something I never realised even when I am amidst it.

The travelling City fans are fantastic. Last evening they sang and cheered, the encouraged and cajoled where they could. They were the 12th man.

Sitting in the posh seats I was proud to witness the atmosphere and passion the Sky Blue Army brought to the game. Can we bottle it please and bring it to the Ricoh?

Richard Barnes

City have no balls

By Richard Barnes on Sep 30, 09 10:22 AM in Fans

IT SEEMS Coventry are missing their balls.

At Watford last evening I watched in amazement as the pitch announcer made an impassioned plea.

I stood in stunned silence as the details about City losing their balls were conveyed.

The Watford announcer told the story. "It seems," he said, "Coventry cannot find the bag, its blue with about six or seven inside, the management at Coventry have asked could they have them back please"

And he didn't stop there, "It would be a shame for Coventry to return home without their balls."

The stunned silence erupted to the appreciative cheers of a poor pun delivered perfectly. Well done Watford announcer, a top football comedy moment.

Does anyone know whether said training apparatus were returned?


Sam Vokes deal not definite, admits Chris Coleman

CHRIS COLEMAN remains confident of landing Wolves striker Sam Vokes on loan in time for Saturday's M69 derby with Leicester City at the Ricoh Arena.

Jack Cork at home in Coventry City's central midfield

WITH almost 80 Championship appearances under his belt, on-loan Jack Cork is taking full advantage of the opportunity to further his football education.

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I DIDN'T think the Sky Blues had it in them, to come back from two goals down, to get the draw.

We were outplayed for long periods, especially in the first half, when Boro showed some Premiership class, but thankfully for us, they can't sustain it over a whole match.

And their defence is as leaky as ours, when we put pressure on them, they couldn't handle it, but fair play to the City for a real battling effort.

Chris ColemanAt half time against Middlesbrough, I turned to my pal in the stands and warned: 'We could be in for a hiding here.'

At two-nil down with little to show for the past forty-five minutes, I feared I'd be watching the second through my fingers, like when I have to watch Brucie stumble through another embarrassing Strictly episode.

Mozza B

To boo or not to boo

By Mozza B on Sep 27, 09 03:12 PM in Fans

THE SCENES OF EXCITEMENT following the late late equaliser against Middlesborough were great to see.

I think few of us at half time were expecting to leave the ground with such wide smiles.

That's football for you. Always expect the unexpected and all that.

Seemingly though one thing you can now expect at pretty much any game when the team is losing or even drawing on some occasions is for the players to be booed off at half time.

TONIGHT it's the latest Coventry City fans forum.

It's not been the most publicised event, but hopefully those that go will find it useful.

This has brought back to my mind some memories of previous fans' events I've been at...

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