Fans urged to cash in early

By Coventry Administrator on Aug 8, 08 10:30 AM in Fans

COVENTRY supporters are being asked to arrive in plenty of time tomorrow when the Ricoh Arena becomes the first cashless stadium in the country.

New cards will enable season-ticket holders to buy refreshments and there will also be cards for fans attending on a match-by-match basis.

Daniel Gidney, chief executive of the Ricoh Arena, explained: "We are attempting to halve the time each transaction takes which will make a massive difference, but any wholesale change takes time to bed down and we would ask supporters to get there early and bear with the staff."

Fans can load a minimum of £5 on to their cards from staff dressed in lime green in the concourses ahead of the games, at the ticket office on non-matchdays and matchdays and from the website.

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